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Lambert & Fils opens a fabulous lighting showroom in NYC

C’est au coeur de Tribeca, à New York, au rez-de-chaussée du Schepp Building, un immeuble de briques aux influences architecturales multiples, que soufflera désormais un vent montréalais… Lambert & Fils, the now famous and renowned design studio opened its lighting showroom there at the end of December 2020. A fresh space, a unique place that perfectly represents the elegance and simplicity of the brand, punctuated here and there with iconic and contemporary furniture and decorative elements, carefully chosen by the founder of the brand and his son. Discover Hudson and Duane, the brand new showroom of Lambert & Fils.


Lambert & Fils, showroom de luminaires Hudson and Duane, New York


Un studio collaboratif de création


Lambert & Fils, it's a unique journey, the dream ascent of any creative person who starts out alone, in a small workshop, and ends up opening the lighting showroom of his dreams to display his creations in New York... In 2020, it had been ten years since the Lambert & Fils adventure began. The studio from québécois compte désormais une cinquantaine de salariés au service d’un design humble et poétique, de pièces réalisées à la main avec la plus grande expertise et dans une ambiance de travail totalement collaborative. La marque est le reflet du savoir-faire de son créateur additionné à la genèse créative d’une jeune équipe de designers et collaborateurs de tous horizons.

On the occasion of the opening of the lighting showroom in New York, Samuel Lambert wanted to present some of the studio's lighting fixtures in a new light. Thus, the most coveted collections of Lambert & Fils - Laurent, Parc or Beaubien - are now displaying unique, redesigned, refined models, moving away from the useful object to appear as a small artwork collection. Five models from this brand new collection Atelier have been released at the end of 2020, and others will soon be added...


“ Je voulais revisiter le vocabulaire créé avec chaque collection, et imaginer les nouvelles phrases qu’on pourrait inventer avec les mêmes mots. C’est ma manière d’honorer les dix dernières années tout en nous poussant à creuser plus loin.”

Samuel Lambert


Lambert & Fils, showroom de luminaires Hudson and Duane, New York
Lambert & Fils, showroom de luminaires Hudson and Duane, New York
Lambert & Fils, showroom de luminaires Hudson and Duane, New York
Lambert & Fils, showroom de luminaires Hudson and Duane, New York

Du côté des luminaires, chacun peut y apprécier sa collection préférée Lambert & Fils. De plus, nous sommes heureux d’y retrouver Dorval 01, an incredible pendant lighting inspired by runway lights and designed by the French duo of designers SCMP Design Office and for which we have followed the development of the project with pleasure. Indeed, looking for a publisher for a while, who better than Lambert & Fils to add such a creative product to its range of products.


Lambert & Fils, showroom Hudson and Duane, New York

Lambert & Fils, showroom de luminaires Hudson and Duane, New York
Lambert & Fils, Dorval 01 lighting, design SCMP Design Office


Un showroom de luminaires telle une galerie


Du côté du mobilier et éléments décoratifs, Samuel Lambert et son fils ont tout d’abord choisi d’agrémenter l’espace du showroom de luminaires et de lui donner davantage de perspective en choisissant les miroirs en forme d’arches du studio de design local, Bower Studios. They participate in the sensation of perceiving another space, hidden, a poetic dimension. Then, the colorful rugs of cc-tapis come here and there to spice up the place with their incredible designs, imagined by Bethan Laura Wood or Mae Engelgeer. Marcel Breuer's Wassili Chair also contributes to a distinguished image of the entire showroom. 

Finally, from an architectural point of view, Lambert & Fils has joined forces with the architecture firm re-a.d with who it was agreed that the simplicity of the layout would be preserved so that the particularities of the building could be allowed to give character to the space. Indeed, the choice of an immaculate, all-white interior environment undoubtedly enhances the value of the objects on display. Like a gallery of high-end pieces, the Hudson and Duane boutique has everything to become a must-see on your next visit to New York City.


Lambert & Fils

51 Hudson St

New York, NY 10013, USA






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