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TREND: Advocacy for furniture hybrids

Over hybrids, I should rather say dual function. I'm not talking about those that we added something, such a transplant. I am actually speaking about those who have a double life. Those whose duplication raises questions regarding their use, functionality and even their existence.



Hybrids Furniture :

What can they bring to our everyday life ? What position are we willing to give them ?



In our society which is given only one function to everything and everyone, it is difficult for a duplication object to exist. Indeed, the furniture is declined into several categories defined since Man began to create furniture for his habitat. It can even be said that until the Renaissance, the Domestic Comfort Was neglected. The only seats, beds, tables and chests existed then. 


So what about when we're a seat-bed or a table-chest? 



hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog

Left: Maisonette, Artnau / Right: Synthesis table by Presek Design Studio

hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog

The Lynko System, Natalia Geci





As I briefly mentioned in the article on Japanese interiors, the world's population will significantly increase For the next 12 years. This will inevitably result in an impact on construction, architecture and living space, which is logically smaller per capita (especially in the city). For new housing to come I don't worry when at theArchitects ingenuity To find new tricks, materials and way of living together. 

However, in terms of already built apartments where we are all living right away, this is where the solutions tend to miss. We'll have to be smart, reorganize our space - we may have to share our home with another family, not by poverty but because the world needs it ?Our first target will be the space saving and it will certainly push us towards this return to basics that some are already calling salutary. Maybe each individual will build its own Tiny House, and will become a master in the art of optimizing space.

Fewer objects, less accumulated objects unnecessarily-but-we-never-know-it-could-be-useful-one-day, so less furniture, or at least their condensed version seems to me a viable solution : HYBRIDS FURNITURE.



hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog

Caramella Counter Sofa,

hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog

Left: Two Be sofa, Estudio Vitale for KOO International / Right: Coletiva, design Mauricio Arruda





Ecology matters. Using materials in a reasonableFair And in order to allow Natural Resources To renew itself, is also. But Wood remains the ideal material for furniture. For example,IKEA, which uses agglomerate rather than solid wood, nevertheless consumes 1% of the world's Wood reserves ( La Tribune, July 2013).

In addition, always facing the population explosion expected, global wood consumption will exceed 60% over 2001 levels, reachingabout 2400 million m³ per year, by 2020 ( Planetoscope ).

It is now urgent to think of solutions to substantially reduce this consumption. And if the furniture industry was the solution? And if each household instead of bring a table and a sofa could group both functions ? ( see photo above ). They probably would save money, space and undeniably help to reduce the impact on global wood consumption. No more procrastinating, HYBRIDS FURNITURE Will be our best allies for Facing adversity.



hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog

Writing desk + low table, Muller Van Severen

hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog 





Hybrids furniture are the future of design in the background like in the shape. In the background because as seen previously, we will have so much to gain. In form, we will see a new challenge for designers who have to redouble their creativity to propose Ever more innovative furniture, always more functional and condensed. Somewhere, the dual-function furniture is the 3rd dimension of design, it gives it depth but also a not negligible and unanimous purpose.

Our ability to be efficient and to - finally - know how to be content with the minimum is in the hands of designers. But in a way, the advantage is that everyone can be a designer. Perhaps in 2032, Seung Yong Song and Muller Van Severen will receive the title of Hybrid Design Knights, as already experts. And thus a platform that will be the 6.0 evolution of a website will be set up and will allow individuals who create furniture, always offering more space and maybe one more function, to share it with the world...

These unclassifiables today will become essentials tomorrow. And with them, it's certainly a world that has moved on. HYBRIDS FURNITURE, a saving evidence that quickly spread !


 hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog

hybrid furniture dual function design huskdesignblog seung yong song

Sarabang, design Seung Yong Song


And you, what do you think ?

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