TREND: Reflective Surfaces



The mirror creation goes back to the night of the times, and yet of all matters, the mirror is the one that is today always as pampered and used. Incredible and modern surfaces that artists, designers, and architects have mastered, reflective surfaces are surrounding us more than it seems. Reflection on a certain topicality...



Even in design, reflective surfaces always have a strong symbolic connotation. Probably because it leads us to see the truth, without flaws or distortions, pure truth and things as they are. 

Overhung with a blue granite of Brazil, the collection of tables Azul Bahia by .Tino Seubert - exposed by the Bensimon Gallery - feel us a sort of dreamlike universe where it becomes finally quite easy to imagine a deep blue sea, whose specular surface dazzles us thanks to the sun. 


Recently, during some design fairs, we were able to appreciate the work of designers who have used a reflective surface in order to give guts, depth, and perhaps a little mystical dimension to objects and furniture of everyday life.

Thus, Sigh Unseen Offsite 2017 currently exhibits in New York a series of Crosby Studios, where an armchair with purified lines and improbable fineness is staged by a shelf and a suspension made of the same matter. A little further on, you will find yourself face-to-face with the furniture-objects of Slash Objects, who used to play with polished brass to create almost untouchable, magical furniture. We also find with pleasure this magical and sacred dimension in the objects presented by Leah Ring and her collection Another Human, where the raw mineral meets the man-made one, isn't this the best scientific and artistic sign of our evolution?


There are also those who create the surprise effect, letting a reflection appear where it was not expected. The Maison Gerard Currently exposes a strange fragmented table, Based Upon, on the occasion of the Collective Design Fair, which one imagines having split naturally, and whose cracked surface reveals an interior where one sees oneself. In the way that a little gold, basic to the outside, precious inside.

On the other hand, we also remember the incredible work of Jiyoun Kim, whose unexpected mirror-stools give the impression of wanting to be hidden, like a mistake or a material that would not want to take the color... The mirror surface wins.


Then, there is a kind of game, the one that allows the reflective surfaces to blend, to disguise themselves, to appear different. The work of the photographer Kate Jackling is incredible, and leaves us the task of interpreting reflection as we like: exact replica or reverse reality?

In the same way, we greet the collection Laurent by .Lambert & Fils, whose graphic suspensions have been the gift of concealment . Like a chameleon, the lamp 02 uses the reverberation of colors as cunning to soak up the surrounding environment...


Finally, in architecture, there is also a real interest in the world of Psyche, where the mirror-object becomes building material and possible evolution of our habitat. Heirs of the audacity of Frank Gehry in terms of reflection on a large and architectural surface, architects now go further. Pushing to the mirror existing as an imposing structure, these buildings are mirrors with a view on the planet.

With the desired elegance and distortion, the "mirage" of .Doug Aitken disturbs our perception of space, and stops the infinite dimension of the desert on the warm side, when the faceted ovoidal sauna of Bigert & Bergström is a real gem of know-how and inventiveness on the cold side.



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Sources: Designboom, Zeutch, Muuuz

Cover: Crosby Studios, sight unseen offs 2017  



Chloé Valette