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Sindroms launches Omakase: Pink, a limited-edition design gift box

Sindroms launches Omakase: Pink, a limited-edition design gift box

Available online in pre-sale until December 1st, the   Omakase: Pink gift boxes by Sindroms have something for all design fans to enjoy. Indeed, this limited-edition of 30 original boxes contains a series of objects kept secret and partly created exclusively for this project, by renowned designers... Find out more about this original project and its concept, thanks to our interview with Miruna Sorescu, Creative Artistic Director of Sindroms:



Omakase: Pink by Sindroms


Omakase: Pink by Sindroms, an original design gift box
Omakase: Pink by Sindroms, an original design gift box


What is Omakase and its concept?

Omakase is a Japanese concept of allowing the chef to decide your meal, instead of choosing yourself. It translates to ‘I leave it up to you’, and the concept is very much an exercise of trust - you put your taste buds in the hands of an expert and trust that the experience will be great. This concept of mystery, of surprise experiences or gifting, is not new at all - people enjoy being surprised. 

Our interpretation resulted in  Omakase: Pink gift boxes, a monochrome , limited-edition gift box, for which we have curated a selection of pink design objects & products, collaborating with some of our favorite designers, artists, or brands. The box is, of course, a mystery - so you only discover the contents once you receive it.  


Where did the idea to create Omakase come from? Is it related to design?

It definitely is. If you look at it, design is a gift in itself. It turns functionality into desire and beauty, with no other aim than to please your senses and enhance emotions in the space around it. Every time we work on a new Sindromsissue, we fall in love with the different designers, artists or brands we discover, interview, or feature in the magazine.

We like trying to bring them closer to our readers - for example, our launch event for the white issue was staged as a gallery exhibition, where we exhibited work of the artists featured in the issue. We were ultimately inspired to bring some of them even closer to our audience, through an ode to beautiful, contemporary design and craftsmanship: a gift box.

We have also been focusing on immersing people into different monochrome experiences - both through the four issues, as well as events - and we started looking for new ways of creating such an experience. It all came together quite naturally into Omakase: Pink gift boxes .


Sindroms magazine Pink, 2019
Omakase: Pink by Sindroms, an original design gift box


How were the designers and objects selected?

We knew from the beginning we wanted to collaborate with different designers and artists we love and have worked with before for the magazine, to create something unique and exclusive for the boxes - something they wouldn’t be able to just find or buy in a store. So we definitely had some of them in mind from the very inception of the Omakase idea, and then we also wanted to include some products from established brands that we love, so it was then just a matter of curating the ‘right’ pink products from them.

The box was curated as both an overarching story across the objects, and also as independent designs, in a unisex mix.


How did the pink edition of Sindroms influence the project?

We started working on the boxes around the same time we started working on the pink issue, so it has definitely influenced it. Two of the brands/designers we ended up including in the box we discovered while putting together the  Sindroms, Pink issue...


Omakase: Pink by Sindroms, an original design gift box


Can you give us some clues as to what is inside?

Each box consists of 6 pink design objects and products, plus a copy of the Pink Sindrom. Half of the products have been created exclusively for Omakase: Pink, in collaboration with two artists/designers, and one brand. The other 3 were carefully selected from one emerging designer and two renowned brands. We included a couple of Scandinavian designers/brands, and the rest are international.

We went for a varied mix of design objects and design products, and we chose them in a way that they can all be gifted together, and also separately. So you can, of course, get the whole box for yourself or gift it to someone, but also keep what you like and gift one or some of the products to one or more friends. Make the most of it as it best suits you! 


Will this type of project complement every edition of Sindroms in the future?

It’s definitely something we’d love to continue doing if this first pink box is a success. It was an exciting process for us - choosing and convincing designers and artists to join in, designing the box, etc. - and we think it’s an exciting product. It can be a great way to let yourself be surprised or it can be a unique gift for someone who loves pink, beautiful objects or simply has an eye for aesthetics and design. We like this concept of blind trust - and we are very flattered every time a box is bought, knowing that someone puts their trust in us.


Sindroms magazine Pink, 2019
Sindroms magazine Pink, 2019


Omakase: Pink Gift Boxes, available in pre-order and exclusively on our online store

Thanks to Miruna Sorescu for giving us this interview / Images by Andrés Reisinger.





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