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GET THE LOOK # 9 - Hidden Tints, by Note Design Studio

For its latest project, Hidden Tints, Note Design Studio was inspired by the hidden shades found beyond the walls during the renovation of this flat. The studio decided to bring back into existence these master shades that already enveloped this place in the 19th century. A clever combination of a bourgeois flat of the past and the lines of today, Hidden Tints is also the showcase of colour mixing expertise at Note Design Studio.



The style Note Design Studio in detail


Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints
Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints

Several colours are part of the guiding thread of this place. The delicate olive green, for example, gives the flat the cachet it deserves, full of life and elaborate mouldings. Note Design Studio has associated a plan work in Terrazzo, a material that is both old and trendy, whith the stool Shell, previously designed by the studio for Karl Andersson & Söner

Backed by a huge curtain, also reminiscent of the 19th century spirit, is the small armchair Mango, edited by Won (Denmark)also designed by Note Design Studio.


Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints

In the room dedicated to childhood, velvety, cosy and almost sweet colours take over. A separate desk with two chairs N65 child version by Artek are enthroned in this room. We would almost curl up in it, making this warm, subdued place our own...


Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints
Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints

In the bedroom, Note Design Studio has opted for a minimalist décor. A place where nothing is superfluous, just the essentials, where lighting fixtures dominate in this same spirit of simplicity. First of all, on the ceiling, there is Two Spheresby theAtelier AretiA luminaire between suspension and mobile, gently swaying until it finds its balance.

And placed on the floor as bedside lighting, Note Design Studio chose the floor lamp Pin by Vibia. A graceful and slender light source, Pin keeps an airy and light atmosphere.

On the right, the small table Habibi by e15 invites us to enter the world of childhood...


Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints

The main room is a bit the combination of everything that makes up this apartment with natural hues. A table with a rustic look takes place, surrounded by chairs J39 by Fredericiaclassic and functional. 

In order to illuminate this key element of a home, the luminaire Silo-Trio by ZERO Lighting has its role as an effective and almost sovereign suspension. Design by Note Design Studio, of course.

The marble and Terrazzo worktops in the kitchen are self-sufficient, there is no need to add decoration. On the other hand, the small wall-sconces Row collection ofAtelier Areti are welcome to shed light on this room, albeit indirectly.


Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints
Note Design Studio, Hidden Tints

And finally, in the rest areas such as the living room and the office, pieces with highly recognisable lines have been placed: on the left, the famous 2-seater sofa Beetle, by Gubiintelligently illuminated by the floor lamp Silo, once again edited by ZERO Lighting

In the living room, next to a simple sofa that matches the softness of the atmosphere, we appreciate with great pleasure the lines of the incredible collection of tables Tabulaedited by Fogia. Where a sleek base meets the intensity of a strong material: terrazzo, once again!



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Visuals and source: Note Design Studio, Archilovers



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