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GET THE LOOK # 7 - The Barceló Torre de Madrid hotel by Jaime Hayon

GET THE LOOK # 7 - The Barceló Torre de Madrid hotel by Jaime Hayon



TheHotel Barceló Torre de Madrid has recently opened its doors in the highest tower of the capital, built in 1957. It is not obvious for a designer to deal with this type of space. Very high ceiling, you have to redouble inventiveness to give a lobby all the comfort that a customer expects. Fortunately, the Spanish designer has the eye to give life to places that one might think unwelcoming and offers us there a splendid realization with the warm colors of his country. Welcome into the head of Jaime Hayón.



hotel barcelo torre de madrid jaime hayon lobby


hotel barcelo torre de madrid jaime hayon lobby 

For this 7th edition of the Get The Looksection, looking for all the major components of this hotel was not an easy task (hence a slight delay in the publication of this article., mea culpa).  


So from left to right here is what makes up this incredible interior of Barcelo Torre Hotel in Madrid:



THE VASE: It isIkebana, a multi-flowers vase created for the new collection Objects of . FRITZ HANSEN and which was launched in 2016. Available in several sizes, Ikebana means "arrange the flowers" in Japanese... a poetic object from the meaning to the realization.

-> SPECIFICATION: Glass container, internal structure in brass. Small size: height 13 cm, diameter 12 cm. Large size: height 15.5 cm, diameter 24 cm.


THE COFFEE TABLE: Also designed by Jaime Hayón in 2015, the coffee table Palette Table by &TRADITION is part of a series offering three dimensions. The particularity of this table is that it is composed of three supports: an oblong main and central support, and two auxiliary supports located higher. This allows a real perspective to be given to the place usually devoted to a single coffee table. 

-> SPECIFICATION: Brass, black Marquina marble and black stained ash. Dimensions: D: 115.2cm/ 45.4in, W: 67.8cm/ 26.7in, H: 47cm/ 18.5in. Weight: 19kg. This is the JH7 table. There are two other models: JH6 and JH8.


THE SMALL ARMCHAIRS: These are the only pieces that remain a mystery ... although I have come across some clues indicating that it might be an armchair created for the occasion by CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE and inspired by their range Radar or Jules and Jim... in any case, we can replace it with the Léa Armchair by CASAMILANO, offering quality velvet coatings.

-> SPECIFICATION: Design Paola Navone. Structure in flexible polyurethane, and removable fabric. Dimensions: W 57 P 60 H 35 / 70.


THE HIGH-BACK CHAIR: If it is a key element of theBarceló Torre de Madrid hotel, it is without doubt the Ro -TM Armchair that Jaime Hayón designed for FRITZ HANSEN. Its lines are perfect and gave birth to the kind of armchair where we would stay for hours...

-> SPECIFICATION: Base in brushed aluminium or oak, many colours available. Dimensions: total height: 113 cm, seat height: 43 cm, arm height: 61 cm, width: 80 cm, depth: 97 cm. 


THE TABLE LAMP: The lamp's distinctive design Chilnoz for PARACHILNA takes effect in the lobby of the hotel. Indeed this look both retro and contemporary is perhaps the major representative of the style Hayón

-> SPECIFICATION: Ceramic structure and crystal diffuser. Wooden base. Dimensions: Height 62 cm, diffuser diameter 35 cm, diffuser height 25 cm, base diameter 19 cm diffuser. Light source: E27 - max 116W, 230V. Cable length: 200 cm. 5 colours of ceramics, 4 basic colours, 3 colours of the diffuser are available. Weight: 7 kg.


THE SOFA: This beautiful sofa with rounded backs is a piece that one will find at ARFLEX and designed by the trio CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE, named Soft Beat. A wide, comfortable sofa, with a velvet coating that gives it a luxurious, 100% Italian feel. 

-> SPECIFICATION: Several dimensions and colours available, refer to the data sheet on the website.



Barceló torre madrid hotel jaime hayon floors 

Jaime Hayón has played with very bright colours in all the spaces of Barcelo Torre Hotel in Madrid: lobby, restaurant and rooms, and luckily the furniture he designed himself is perfectly suited to this project.



THE COFFEE TABLE: This range of low marble tables is a real success since its inception. The fineness of the legs fits perfectly well with the strong presence of a material such as marble, whether white, black, green or even brown. Gamfratesi TS Tabledesign GamFratesi, edited by GUBI.

-> SPECIFICATION: The TS Tables are available in three sizes, with marble tops and black lacquered base. Marbles: White Carrara, black Marquina, Green Guatemala, Brown Emperor. Dimensions: size S: H: 51 x Ø40, size M: H: 41 x Ø55, size L: H: 35 x Ø80.


THE ARMCHAIR (foreground): It's the Fri -TM Armchair, which is in a way the low-back version of the chair Ro -TM Armchair, just seen above. Also edited at FRITZ HANSEN, this one is more classical but is nevertheless comfortable.  

-> SPECIFICATION: Brushed aluminium base, many colours available. Dimensions: Width 80cm x Depth 88 cm x Height 90, 5cm, Seat heigh 43 cm


THE LAMPADAIRE: The Barceló Torre de Madrid hotel has here and there some lights edited by ATELIER ARETI, whose retro and chic look contrasts with the very contemporary rounded sofas and armchairs. Here, the famous floor lamp Vertical 1 which is a real success since its edition in 2010.

-> SPECIFICATION: Powder metal structure, available in black or white. A brass coating inside the diffusers is possible. Dimensions : Height 165 cm, maximum width 27.5 cm. Light source: E14 screw-on bulbs. Max 40W by diffuser.


THE ARMCHAIR (background): This armchair was made recently by Jaime Hayón and presented at the Orgatec design show in October 2016. The chair of the same name, Catchwas already present in the range of &TRADITIONThe brand therefore asked the designer for a lounge version so that the collection would finally be complete and properly represented at the Barcelo Torre hotel in Madrid.

-> SPECIFICATION: Tubular steel base, fabric or leather cover. Dimensions: Height 86cm / 33.9in, Width: 82 cm / 32.3in, Depth: 92 cm / 36.2in. Height of armrests: 58cm / 22.8in. Seat height: 36cm / 14.2in. Weight: 13 kg.



 hotel barcelo torre de madrid jaime hayon lobby


PHOTOGRAPHS: This is impossible to miss the photographic work done by the studio KLUNDERBIE and commissioned by Jaime Hayón himself. The designer asked for a work highlighting and paying tribute to Spanish assets and culture. Thus, in subtle or flashy shades, the photographs of the creative studio are distributed throughout the hotel, giving a living or even vibrant dimension to the sensation that we have when sitting there...


THE CHAIR: Lately designed for MAGIS, the Chair Milà has been presented at the various London shows at the beginning of 2016. With its unique line far from going unnoticed, Jaime Hayón was able to breathe new life into the publisher.

-> SPECIFICATION: Stacking chair with armrests. Made in polypropylene and glass fiber. Indoor or outdoor use. Dimensions: Height 84.5 cm, Width 44 cm, Depth 48 cm, Height armrests: 67 cm, Seat height: 46 cm. Available in 6 colours.


THE LAMPADAIRE: Once again, the delicacy of the luminaires ofATELIER ARETI will have seduced the designer to perfect the space of the Barcelo Torre hotel in Madrid. Here Disc and Sphere Floor Lamp.

-> SPECIFICATION: Powdered metal structure, polished brass, glass. Available in black or white (other colors on request). Dimensions: Height 160 cm, Diameter of the discs: 23 cm. Light source: G9 socket (LED or halogen bulb possible) max 25W.




-> BOOK NOW a room in the hotel right now OVER HERE



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Photographs: Klunderbie

Sources: designboom, Yatzer


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