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How to become a color expert / PART I: Tame the color in all its forms

How to become a color expert / PART I: Tame the color in all its forms

We all love the colors. When it comes to apply them in our living spaces, to make a choice and the leap in practice, however, this is where the problem lies. It becomes chilly and such an animal scared it is repatriated to "values" and reassuring: neutral colors. Did you want a pink room? It has turned into gray. Are you considering the blue? It ends in white. So here we are going to explore in two parts:


How can we no longer be afraid of colour, and become ENFIN expert in coloured associations?


Before considering any advice, YOU MUST RESET YOUR MIND :





  • Colors, it is initially a lot of prejudice. Indeed, such precepts that could have been read in a book almost religious, many are the times where we have heard or read of the rules say "base," air of nothing, like any belief, grounded in our minds to become an automatism: "Never in white with white-broke". "There is nothing worse than the red and pink", "The carpet in the room? Blue course. ", etc.




  • Or surprise yourselves at least. Opt for the color, it's an adventure. It's ten times more hesitation to make a choice between white and gray. But it's especially discover with happiness, stupor and tremors colourful associations to which you would have not thought, we should have never dared, creep slowly but surely in our interiors. Is to accept to let go of taking and allow your creativity to take over the rational.




  • Because it is important toCombine different materials in your colorful harmonies to give it depth and character. For example, the only flat areas of paint application could impoverish the effect of the expected atmosphere. Why not a monochrome, as long as you play on fabrics, metals, ceramics, glasses...





Level 1



how to become a color expert start with safe colors


1/ THE WALLS. It's still best to start with flats of a color you like. It can be of course Frank or pastel, depending on your tastes, provided that this is one that you will qualify for "safe". Applied all over the walls or only a few key places in order to make them stand out, you will acclimatize yourself to color, its proximity and the way it will interact in concert with the light to shape your interior. While keeping your current furniture, you will begin to perceive a harmony that would go hand in hand with the style of your room. And who knows, it's probably your furniture you'll want change now.


how to become a color expert start with small keys


2/ THE FURNITURE.  If this scale is scaring you, you should probably try to spread colorful touches scattered here and there among your furniture. Don't be afraid of the contrast that here will be your best ally. These colors will guide when the choice to get a satisfying mix. This of course makes sense but do not forget that the red/orange/yellow warm up, and the blue/green/gray are colder...



             TIP 1

Reflective-colored pieces ( mirrors, vases and furniture themselves ) are a good strategy to try visualizing what would be your room in a color version.

how to become a color expert colorful mirror


 TIP 2

Colorful detailsas small as they can also accompany you to the color in a soft and gradual way...

how to become a color expert colorful details



Level 2



how to become a color expert wallpaper

Left: Palm Spring - Studio Pepe on the right: wallpaper - Lines, Dark Blue - Ferm Living


1/ THE WALLPAPER is a stylish way to slowly sliding into a colorful atmosphere. Perhaps because he is the ancestor of the coated walls of paint? Or because its presence is experienced as more vaporous and light. Its application remains however more complex, but most of the time it‘s more psychologically acceptable by people.

When a plant pattern gives you depth and perspectives thanks to the impression we will have to see through it, a geometric pattern structure your space by giving it presence.


how to become a color expert patterned fabrics


2/ TISSUS TO MOTIFS. The other good idea is to contrast neutral walls/furniture and non-neutral decorative elements. Indeed, whatever its nature, one or several items to the strong and pronounced reasons much attention. The colors stand out and such voluntarily exhibits of art, they become stars of your interior. You’ll see that your space will be classified as colored, even if your walls are white.




Just as the flat areas of paint, if the repetition of a motif makes you uncomfortable, try a gradient wallpaper. Lighter, it is also perfect to enlarge your space.

how to become a color expert gradient wallpaper




Level 3



how to become a color expert monochrome


1/ ONE COLOR. This step is difficult to overcome because this level, to fully trust without allow themselves to go back. By monochrome, hear rather monochrome of a space. That is to say the intelligent mixture of different shades of a single color, from the walls to the ceiling and through the furniture. The effect is stunning, masterful, and does not necessarily total (see photo on the left, all the elements aren't blue even though it's the main tone). This will allow you to keep control of the place.

One thing is certain, it's that in monochrome, THINK BIG. Don't scare into thinking that anyway, white here and there would be more reasonable. Look you, orchestrate the elements and different shades of colors with lucidity. Be inhabited by the desire for a single result, which nobody else can boast.


how to become a color expert monochrome


2/ SEVERAL COLORS. The monochrome in the broader sense can also be understood as Mixing different tones from the same family. For example above, see like these warm colors and set of silky materials agree wonderfully well. Lighting is obviously a lot but it is important to visualize the different cases that can be described as monochrome. Here, we enter the master class in terms of colors : to be a colorful palette’swhich allows me to make the transition to the next episode:


"How to become a color expert?"


 ... online Next week!



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Sources: Cover photo StudioPepe


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