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REYKJAVIK: The Oddsson Hotel in Iceland

Hotel Oddsson / Reykjavik, Iceland / Design by the agency Dödlur



Have you ever been to Iceland? I have, and the next time I'm there, believe me, that's where I'll go: TheOddsson Hotelor a gem of design located at only 10 minutes from the city center of Reykjavik. 

It is true that there is no shortage of hotels with refined interiors in terms of design in Iceland and the northern countries in general. But this one has something special for me... Created by theIcelandic agency DödlurHere are the 3 good reasons to be interested in this project AND to spend your next holiday there:




First of all, let's start by saying that this hotel is absolutely borrowing of Scandinavian style. It smells of the spirit of the North, from the lobby to the bathrooms, with this perfect mastery of colour and style combinations. This fluidity between materials, even opposites, reminds me of the boutiques Acne Studios designed by the architectural firm BozarthFornell ( Sweden ).

The lobby makes me want to spend hours reading a good book aboutArnaldur Indridasson*It's quite simple, I want to try all the seats there, while feeding my mind and my eyes with this " mix and match furniturefurniture set.

The rooms are both cosy and soothing, and all have a very large window, like a picture of the sea


lobby hotel oddsson dödlur

The Lobby - Hotel Oddsson

front desk oddsson hotel

The Reception - Hotel Oddsson

hotel oddsson dodlur huskdesignblog

A room - Hotel Oddsson




The broad outlines of a project that we are likely to love are thus mapped out. But what about the details? It has to be said that this part has also been very carefully thought out. This hotel was built in the spring of 2016, and therefore had to display some current headlight and trendy parts. Thereby, we can see the Utrecht armchair designed in 1935 by Gerrit T. Rietveld and published by CASSINA, ( presented coated of the "Boxblocks" fabric by Bertjan Pot at the Milan Design fair. This Special Edition is available in 3 colours, each limited to 90 copies ). In the rooms, you can also sight the very cult Parentesi lamp by Achille Castiglioniedited by FLOS.


oddsson hotel front desk

L'Accueil, Utrecht armchair from CASSINA - Hotel Oddsson


In addition, Dödlur and Stáss Architects have designed a chair with the same name as the hotel, especially for this place, so you will only see it there! ( #exclusivity ! ) I love this inspiration " chair folding beach with very trendy colors, and high-end materials and finishes. 


chair oddsson dodlur

chair Oddsson - Dödlur




That's good news. The hotel also houses the Bazaar restaurant, bistro and barwhich is a must. The restaurant offers home-made and inventive cuisine, whose colourful associations will bring a touch of luxury to the decor... which in fact stands on its own! Raw industrial ceiling, Oddsson chairs and this turquoise/hazelnut color cast always there: 70's effect guaranteed !

In addition, these small touches of architectural humour scattered all over the place (note this fake window!) makes this space win points. After all, you need humour even when you eat, don't you?


restaurant bazaar oddsson

Restaurant Bazaar - Hotel Oddsson

restaurant bazaar oddsson

Restaurant Bazaar - Hotel Oddsson


So, who will go there ? ; )



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*Arnaldur Indridasson is an Icelandic polar writer.

Sources: DödlurOddsson Hotel

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