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Acne Studios refreshes its iconic Norrmalmstorg store in Stockholm

Acne Studios refreshes its iconic Norrmalmstorg store in Stockholm

Each Acne Studios store draws inspiration, in terms of design, from the place in which it is located. Indeed, the brand likes atypical places, full of history, or with a real local identity. The boutique on Norrmalmstorg Square in Stockholm really has something special since it was in the premises of this former bank that the hostage-taking took place in 1973, and from which emerged the famous "Stockholm syndrome". Discover the new look of this iconic place.


Acne Studios, Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm


The Acne Studios store in Norrmalmstorg, in Stockholm, is an impressive place. Both for its history, because of the events that this place has undergone and seen pass within it, but also for its architecture itself. A massive architecture where marble already reigned supreme, and where the choice was made to further amplify the presence of this material. Thus, this Acne Studios boutique goes from a place with a noble atmosphere to a completely different, almost futuristic universe.

This project was entrusted to the very talented architecture firm Arquitectura-G, and the work initially consisted of researching the history of the building, which led the architects to get rid of the superfluous and reveal only the marble structures that dominate the space. The material has since inspired a monochrome style in which the floor, walls, and freestanding furniture are all made of marble.

In some places, the walls have even been painted in a subtle color, also reminiscent of the tones of the columns. For the purposes of the project, some of them were rebuilt to support the fitting rooms, in a lighter marble, echoing the floor and furniture, creating a contrast between ancient and structural marble, and the contemporary and sculptural one.

"It's a temple. For me, the idea of a temple is a place that belongs to no one but is owned by everyone. It's part of our history but also the future. This is how I see our monumental flagship store in Stockholm."

Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios.


Acne Studios, Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm

Marble interior shop


Then, on the furniture side, and if the brand has been collaborating for a long time with the designer Max Lamb, it also got the habit of punctuating its points of sale with unique displays and furniture, and this place, entirely made of marble, gives the designer's work an even more natural legitimacy. Thus, five very massive, monolithic tables and, on the contrary, very thin shelves were designed to blend perfectly into the décor, giving the impression of having always been part of the building. As if they had come out of the ground, these tables give the impression of having been detached from it over time, like tectonic plates that would have slowly migrated to create a new island.

Acne Studios has often been known for its incredible shops, with metal as the star material. This time, metal makes a discreet but not the least discreet appearance, serving as minimalist clothing hangers and allowing the space to be visually uncluttered. Also a long-time collaborator on the Acne Studios concepts, the lighting French designer Benoit Lalloz also participates in the dignified representation of metal, having designed a unique, custom-made lighting system for the Norrmalmstorg store. Both raw and sophisticated, these fixtures create the necessary breakthrough to give this place the elegance and avant-garde spirit it deserves.


Acne Studios Stockholm, design Arquitectura-G

Marble table, design Max Lamb


Finally, for early fans and those who find themselves fascinated by the history of this place, it is worth noting that a capsule collection called, of course, Stockholm Syndrome was designed by the brand, drawing its inspiration from the 1973 hostage-taking that really made an impression on the Swedish people's minds. T-shirts, accessories and small leather goods have been available since October 2020 in the Acne Studios boutique of Norrmalmstorg, but also in other iconic stores and online.





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