Tokyo: The brand new Blå Konst shop of Acne Studios



If just like me every opening of a Acne Studios store is a real celebration for you, let me tell you that here is something that will make your day. Indeed, as beautiful as you can imagine and all new, please welcome as it should be the last shop Blå Konst in Tokyo, celebrating the brand's new denim collection.


Acne Studios, Blå konst, Tokyo





The Acne Studios style is always confusing. It's simple, the lines always go to the basics, the materials are few but effective. It is usually always accompanied by a bright, powerful color that determines the first sensation that one feels passing through the door. The pink of Paris and the yellow of New York this time they gave way to a living blue, almost hypnotizing, which is the ideal color to accompany the launch of a new denim line.

The balance of the shop is only one thread, the shops Acne Studios are the perfect example of the less is more, the principle that simple things are often the best.


Acne Studios, Blå konst, Tokyo
Acne Studios, Blå konst, Tokyo





The brand and its artistic director Jonny Johansson were forerunners in terms of color choice in retail. Indeed, when many brands only judge by neutral tones in order to showcase their precious collections, Acne Studios has known, for a long time, to showcase its products thanks to the color. In Tokyo, in this new atypical shop, let yourself be overwhelmed by this wave of blue, guided by the glowing red staircase, and grant the bright elements - mirror display and gilded racks - the attention they deserve, as they allow to ennoble widely the jean's matter.

This concept will henceforth accompany the denim collection exclusively, which will include a permanent range as well as limited editions for each new season.


Acne Studios, Blå konst, Tokyo


Acne Studios Blå Konst Tokyo

1-10-8 Jinnan Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 105-0041.


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