Trends: When design becomes a plant pedestal


Depending on your point of view, you will tend to think that design ensures the growth of the plant, or it is on the contrary the plant that allows to beautify the perception that one has of the design. In all cases, the Vegetal design has always inspired designers, and this is a beginning, because in the same way that we have fled the green for concrete, the vegetation will quickly resume its rights. Discover the work of these designers who chose the green side.

In the case of Layered Planters of the designer ANNA KARLIN, the plant becomes the extension of a sculptural container. The combination of the hard geometry and the man loves so much with the madness of nature and the unpredictable makes it possible to make cohiter harmoniously two worlds, to make sure that they meet and value each other.

At the Salone del Mobile 2017, we have seen Etta, a space separation accessory imagined by the studio DOSSOFIORITO and the Italian editor ZILIO A&C. This object allows the inner plant to find its place and its independence, to occupy this space which is assigned to it without concern. Fully modular, you will be led to carefully choose the design elements in charge of making your precious plant thrive.

Perhaps more akin to the art register, you could not pass the series Postures Vases by BLOC STUDIOS In collaboration with the photographer Carl Kleiner, describing this meticulous work as a means of photographing plants in positions and compositions that make them littéralllement alive. Real sculptures, we get lost in the idea of imagining these plants in motion, or on the contrary, feel them as frozen in time ...

Plantscape is a real scientific experience. Designed by the studio SUPAFORM, it puts the plants that it for to the challenge to find their ease in this hostile and rectilinear container. As in a labyrinth reconstituting a concrete mini city, grasses must find the easiest path that will guide them to the light ... A plant design of the challenge!

And finally, directly inspired by the Japanese floral compositions, Ikebana Allows you to value a flower at the same time, as its own decorative element, allowing it to gain in individuality and to free itself from its sisters. OMER POLAK Designed this collection to give the most possibilities of possible compositions, while respecting the minimalist and soothing atmosphere of tradition Ikebana. And he adds: "It is time to appreciate the things of nature (...)".

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Chloé Valette