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TREND: Microarchitectures and Design

Designers were often inspired by the architecture to create and vice versa. For some time, some almost sculptural creations appeared, such as microarchitectures that come to expand the design world. Voluntary research or creative coincidences, back to this trend and these designers from all the continents.



TREND: Microarchitectures and Design



Davide Aquini, Italy


For its latest table collection TuttoSesto, the designer Davide Aquini pays tribute to the Travertine, a dear matter toItaly and the Neoclassical style. The opposition of the stone to the Klein Blue makes the whole thing particularly graphic, and it is this ultra-modern blue connotation that makes the link and introduces Travertine to our times. 


"In this project nothing is only a matter of aesthetics and shape does not follow function."


microarchitectures design davide aquini microarchitectures design davide aquini




Studio Note, Japan


In terms of microarchitectures, Studio Note is not to be outdone, with an architectural object series that reinterpret the mirror shape and function. The designer Norihiko Terayama has worked on the reflection of these almost-furniture as if they were real buildings. It also seeks to highlight the qualities of form and texture of the buildings. architectural materialswhich have become invisible to our eyes.


microarchitectures design studio note
microarchitectures design studio note




Ben Medansky, United States


Drawing on architecture references such as Mies van der Rohe and works of Heino Engel, the Los Angeles based ceramist Ben Medansky is creating objects/structures inspired by industrial mesh construction. He is testing everyday the capabilities of the ceramist and materials he works with, and he tackles all subjects, giving rise to intriguing microarchitectures.


"If I make something soft and asymmetrical, then I tend to create the opposite in my next collection, something highly designed and textured."


microarchitectures design ben medansky

microarchitectures design ben medansky




Pettersen & Hein, Denmark


By swearing loyalty to the concrete/metalassociation, the duo Pettersen & Hein is offering us some sculptural creations that graze the art. Rather like the Studio Note, the designers lead us to open a new look on these two materials we live with on our everyday life. Let's not forget that their properties are today as used in architecture as design, and that despite seniority are still sustainable materials we refer to.


microarchitectures design pettersen & hein

microarchitectures design pettersen & hein



What do you think about microarchitectures? Have a good week : )

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