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TREND: Rounding off the angles

TREND: Rounding off the angles

If the straight line shows no sign of weakening for as much, the curve, is again blessed. A bit of sweetness in this world of brutes has indeed been noticed during the latest design events around the world and the latest interior design projects in date. Decryption of this trend, evidence and novelties in support.



TREND: Rounding off the angles





The World is hard, the World is changing. Et le design n’a jamais été le dernier domaine dans lequel les changements géographiques, politiques et sociaux se sont faits historiquement ressentir. Dans les années 60, la tendance était l’accès au confort et à un foyer digne de ce nom pour tous. Là est donc né la production et donc le design de masse. Depuis les années 2000 et parce qu’on a décidé de gérer mieux nos matériaux et leur fin de vie pour le bien de notre planète, le design est devenu éco-responsable et de préférence, recyclable.


Well this time, it would seem that with the return of the hardness, the conflicts and the feeling of insecurity, the design began to round off the angles. Because home and interior in general have always been the refuge, the shelter where the curves invite you to comfort and consolation. C’est le cas dans la dernière boutique d’India Mahdavi pour Red Valentino, where even the lines have been curved and where the feminine and encompassing atmosphere carries you away and influences you for sure. The new range of Missana - design Mut Design has also not gone unnoticed.


tendance arrondir les angles architecture et mobilier arrondi

tendance arrondir les angles architecture et mobilier arrondi

Top: Red Valentino store in Rome, India Mahdavi / Centre left: Tonella armchair, Sancal / Centre-right: Block armchair and sofa, Missana, design Mut Design / Down: Pion Collection, Sancal.






Cette tendance suggère peut-être également le besoin de se rapprocher de la nature, sans parler directement d’un « retour ». Car comme chacun le sait, la ligne droite n’existe pas dans la nature. Et il a bien fallu trouver quelque part cette idée de formes douces, arrondies et de demi-cercles. Que celui qui n’est pas inspiré par cette lune démesurément grande et majestueuse de la nuit dernière jette la première pierre à cet article ! 


Speaking of astronomy, in this quest for nature and well-being, let's consider our Planet. The one with whom each of us has made the pact to help and preserve. Because in terms of preserving the environment, all fields have to set an example and going in that direction, the design has well understood. And in these days of COP22, design has every interest to stand out as a precursor and initiator of a protective movement in favor of our planet. Great mention to Reinier de Jong for having dared to imagine a curved base.


tendance arrondir les angles architecture et mobilier arrondi

tendance arrondir les angles architecture et mobilier arrondi

Top: Garia bakery, by Poliki / Centre left: Oslo chair, Missana / Centre-right: Hilt side table, Reinier de Jong / Down: New Taylor Collection, LaCividina.






Finally, because trends and fashions are constantly renewed, why not the return of the curves ? Après tout, depuis les 70's - in addition to extreme styles like the one of Zaha Hadid - we actually never saw such a return of the rounded shapes. What if its time had come ? If after the advent of geometry and angular patterns in 2014/2015, design has watered its wine to become more round ?


If it softens our interiors and our moods, the design in curves is perhaps the logical continuation of the forms. Remember those science fiction movies where the future, in opposition to the present, is imagined as curved, as if the evolution was definitely round. Mathieu Lehanneur and Nendo have certainly understood, appearing these days on the front of the stage with creations gently bulging.


tendance arrondir les angles architecture et mobilier arrondi

tendance arrondir les angles architecture et mobilier arrondi

Top: New coffee shop No Glu, Mathieu Lehanneur / Centre-left: Fluorescent lamp by Os & Oos / Centre-right: Rolling Workplace, Nendo / Down: Pill, wall desk by Emko.



And you, are you the kind of person who round off the angles ?

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