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ROBERT STADLER: The genius who serves the absurd

Robert Stadler is the kind of designer who despite a perfect background in the best institutions of design (IED/Milan, ENSCI/Les Ateliers, Paris), was able to think outside the box and create his own style, that allowed him to work for very different fields. Find out this designer/artist that nothing can stop as well as a selection of his work.




The genius who serves the absurd






What is good with Robert Stadler, it's that somehow, he knows how to extricate our thoughts and convert them into physical ideas, find a new function to a material or even a new shape to a function. Because here is the real genius: finding inspiration where no one else thought. This is what makes the designer's objects particularly remarkable, full of surrealismIn this case, they play a balancing act on the thin line between art and design, with qualities that are certainly visual but, above all, that renew the genre.

With the mobile #mood, he explores how our mind differs, rambling and changing course every minutes facing the immensity of the web...


Robert Stadler designer huskdesignblog

Robert Stadler designer huskdesignblog


With Apart on the left, R.S is suggesting the invisible. What's more basic than to place a stool against the wall so that it becomes a Chair? The gesture is simple and yet makes a mockery of our appetite for objects that meet every need. This stool is far from absurd, even pretty awesome.

The Royeroid Chair is a tribute to theFrench interior designer Jean Royère and his chair Ours Polaire (Polar Bear). Robert Stadler reworked it as if it were wrapped in a mesh that would take its exact shape. This new suit allows the chair to travel through time and to better acclimatize in our time. It's also a nice wink to the Chesterfieldstyle, with the Stadler touch of course..


Robert Stadler designer huskdesignblog 

In 2014, the designer worked on the most famous fabric of KvadratDivina, with the intention of creating something that would reflect the intrinsic quality of the textile: its flexibility, its creases, this malleable matter which would be fixed on what it does best. You may have noticed, R.S knows how to get our attention. By recycling a composite material between marble and aluminum designed especially for the facades of buildings - to the right Cut Paste series - – he suggests that the disappearance of the architecture and what we will do to what remains after its demolition.





Regarding the scenography, the designer wants to cover the tracks. Art exhibition, workshop or staging, just as Marcel Duchamp he wondered about the status of the object and if it can change depending on how it is presented to us. Is a chair under glass will find the artwork status to you? That is the question. 


His exhibition areas are graphic, but not only. There are a perfect and meticulous analysis of the space to make the best of it and use its shortcomings. Thus, when the city of Vienna offered him to make an installation in the reconstruction of theAdolf Loos, apartment, he choose to exaggerate the situation of this former place of life transformed into a memory to attract attention.


Robert Stadler designer huskdesignblog

Robert Stadler designer huskdesignblog 

On the left, at the exhibition 1000 days - as a tribute to three years of work for the famous Carpenters Workshop Gallery R.S make up his work pieces that yet have nothing to do with each other. Nevertheless, its ability to invent and create poetry anywhere here still takes over. 

Create an event from nothing? Robert Stadler knows to do that. On the right, in an old Mansion of Empire style in Vienna, he expressed the past and of this place remained frozen for decades with what he found on hand - floors - which are reproduced as sheets covering furniture and fireplaces, meaning abandonment.


Robert Stadler designer huskdesignblog


The exhibition l'Usage des Formes (the Use of forms) is an opportunity for Robert Stadler to put forward a subject dear to the designers and to any creator in general: the link between the man and his tool. Thanks to the collaboration of five craftsmen, he devised unique pieces in order to demonstrate how the tool control goes hand in hand with ingenuity, for example by creating a leather curtain and a thermal-wallpaper...

Finally, this designer who turns away so easily each object in absurdity is also greatly able to create. For the exhibition in 2014 at the Poirel Gallery in Nancy (France), R.S gives free rein to his imagination by creating "unrecognisable things" or again, an object series between design, art, furniture, and other stranger things.


If you're tempted, know that you can now buy some pieces of the designer through his new online shop The Whatness, including:


Robert Stadler designer eshop huskdesignblog



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