NEW YORK: Find out the Pelle x Erie Basin collaboration


It is on the occasion of the Collective Design Fair event that we rediscover with pleasure and sensations Pelle studio. Founded in 2011 by Jean and Oliver Pelle, this studio multiplies the exploration fields without setting limits. Sculpture enthusiasts, materials researchers, discover their collection in collaboration with Erie Basin, presented in New York.

Collective Design Fair 2017

Studio Pelle design, New York

If you went to New York until May 7, you had the opportunity to contemplate the above stand at Collective Design Fair, on which the Pelle studio studio presented its novelties. Indeed, the designers duo has allied with the know-how of Russell Whitmore of Erie Basin, antiques dealer and jewellery creator, in order to create three exceptional products that will certainly not have escaped: the Past Presence collection.

  • First of all, it must be admitted that this marble applique that seems straight out of a quasi-tribal decor, made without any doubts part of the flagship products of the 2017 edition: Dark Moon Sconce is a solid format wall fixture, refined by the playful and interactive effect. This sconce, like its two congeners of the collection, plays with the codes of the contemporary and the past, in order to blur the tracks, to lose ourselves in a new dimension that leads us to imagine our own temporal landmarks.

--> LED, metal patinated, solid brass and green marble, dimensions L 24.4 in/38.5 cm x W 4.6 in/11.8 cm x H 21.2 in/53.8 cm. $28,875 (12-14 week delay).

  • There is also the table lamp Silver Veil, whose light source is concealed behind a curtain of pearls. Again, you have to shove the pearls in order to reach the button - created from a rare jade stone - thus creating a movement and injecting life to this object. Thanks to its reflective silver envelope, Silver Veil dematerializes the light and returns it indefinitely...

--> LED and silver, Dimensions L 10.5 in/26.7 cm x W 10.5 in/26.7 cm x H 18.5 in/20.3 cm. $20,440 (12-14 week delay).

  • Finally, Pelle studio and Erie Basin also exposed the Fin chair, a strong sculptural element, new forms and delicate association. In fact, the cold metal structures the mahogany wood which makes this object very warm. In a desire for minimal design, Fin characterized by this delicate anchor point, which allows a structural element to meet the seat.

--> Blackened steel, mahogany wood and solid brass, dimensions L 22.8 in/35.9 cm x W 22.8 in/35.9 cm x H 26.5 in/67.3 cm. $3,335 (12-14 week delay).


The workplace of Pelle studio is designed to go ever further in creative experimentation and the exploration of materials that give rise to objects, lighting and unexpected furniture. By appointment, it is possible to come and discover their universe, concentrated in their new showroom at 56 W 22nd St 8th Floor, opened recently and which is in line with the fashionable American design studios In Vogue- such as Apparatus and Lindsey Adelman - and which enable the United States to (re)find a real identity in the design field.


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Chloé Valette