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GET THE LOOK # 1 - Masquespacio Design Studio

GET THE LOOK # 1 - Masquespacio Design Studio

Masquespacio Design Studio / Valence / Espagne



Masquespacio is an award-winning consulting creative studio, created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios et Christophe Penasse. Combining the disciplines of its founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design studio creates brand image and interior design projects through a unique approach that results in innovative new concepts.


Masquespacio Design Studio


Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, directrice artistique de Masquespacio:

 " Although this is a workspace, every moment we sought to incorporate decorative elements, in addition to bright colors and upholstered furniture, to create a warm atmosphere beyond a place made only to work. « 

Like many of you, I choose this atmosphere because of the colours and lines harmony inspire me something really new ! I am also pleased to introduce a brand that I previously mentioned as «to follow in 2016» : MISSANA.


Voici donc comment recréer cette super pièce chez soi ( ou son bureau ):



Wall colors: For the gray, I advise a "Mono / 218" by Little Greene, et pour le vert- turquoise, un “Canton / 94“.

Pour les éléments muraux: It's probably a custom made wall system for the project. In all cases, it is not impossible to reproduce ! It should be noted that the perforated panel is a Hardboard Panel, available in DIY stores.

For the vertical brass lighting: It's the wall-light named "Divar" edited by ANOUR. This sconce is tilting to 15 °, and available dimensions ( length ) are : 50, 100 , 150, 200 , 250 and 300 centimeters.

Le canapé: Et c’est là que je vous parle de MISSANA ! Whether this amazing Spanish furniture brand, which has more than 20 years of experience. So here is "Simone" le canapé, design par Sputnik, with pine reinforced structure and a Birch base. Dimensions: Height 95 cm, depth 76 cm, length 182 cm. For the finishes, there are a lot of colors and ranges of fabrics available, to download online.

Ottoman and coffee table: MISSANA again, it is here the collection "Toadstool"design by studio Masquespacio itself ! This collection includes a coffee table, two ottomans and a sofa. The structure is in wood, with a marble or lacquered base. Seat dimensions: heights 38 or 43 cm / diameter 34 or 37 cm. Finishes: the same as the sofa "Simone".

The Lounge Chair: Heureusement pour moi et pour vous, la recherche de la référence du fauteuil ( indiquée nulle part ! ) ne m’a pris que 5 minutes ( oui, oui ) car je me doutais un peu que l’origine de l’éditeur devait être Espagnole, avec des produits atypiques et sympas, bien connu en matière de solutions d’assises… j’ai nommé… SANCAL! Le nom de ce «petit fauteuil» comme ils disent est “Tonella“, it's a new product of the end of 2015, designed by NOTE Design Studio. The range also offers a wider chair and a two-seater sofa. Dimensions: Height 71 cm, seat height 41 cm, 61 cm total width and depth 62 cm.


Et voilà!  Pour tout besoin de visuel, les sites des marques sont parfaits. Vous trouverez également les adresses de leurs revendeurs. Et au besoin d’une rapide précision, n’hésitez pas à me contacter via le chat !



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