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The Salone del Mobile 2017 was an adventure in itself, or even a challenge. In fact, during these few days when the city is full of novelties and installations, our mind always wants more. It's hard to see everything and have a global look at what happened, which is why Husk offers you here its selection, from the Rho Fiera to parts of the city, and by not forgetting to go to Rossana Orlandi. Back on a memorable show, so here are the brands and products that have caught my eye ...








ALTREFORME is an Italian brand that has stood out on the show by displaying a stand in the colours of their new collection: completely Galactic. Glitter materials and futuristic colors reinforce the unique shapes close to sculpture, made of aluminium. In addition, brand attaches strong importance to use a 100% recyclable material, while guaranteeing a mind paying tribute to the tradition of Italian design.


--> specifications: chair Cyber and low table Saturn, aluminum.





ARKOF is one of the brands I discovered on this show in Milan. An actor in Italian design since the 1970s, this brand has never ceased to offer innovative products or even provocative, without losing an essential value: functionality, and this new collection 2017 is perfectly representative of this spirit.


--> Specifications: Cabinet Palafitta, with three compartments of different dimensions (doors or drawers), modular at will. MDF lacquered (RAL and Valchromat color), lacquered tubular structure, technical details of the various available dimensions OVER HERE

Buffet Sherwood with interior shelves in OSB painted brilliant (available colors: green, black, white, blue, red). Dimensions 160 x 40 x 80 cm. Matte, black lacquered base.



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The occasion of the Salone del Mobile, ARTEMIDE has unveiled its new 2017 collection, in its splendid showroom in via Mazzoni in Milan. the new collection is rich and amazing, playing with the codes of lightness, and combining technical expertise with poetry. 


--> Specifications: YANZI, by Neri & Hu. Collection with a table lamp, a lamppost and three suspensions. Matt Black painted brass structure, enabling spheres in blown glass, iron spheres. Variable dimensions, light source with dimmer.

Eos, by Bernhardt & Vella. Collection of a lamppost and an escutcheon. Floor Dimensions: H 1500 mm x diameter 150 mm. Dimensions apply: diameter 450 mm. Brushed brass structure, fabric diffuser combined with a diffusing technopolymer. Light Source: LED.





ARTIFORT For the first time the talent of the designer Luca Nichetto In order to propose in its new collection A lounge armchair with a modern look, capable of succeeding the mythical pieces of Pierre Paulin. The work of the designer was based on the imprint of the human body, the ideal position that one takes in an armchair and on the imprint it leaves afterwards. Pala is a relaxing armchair that will easily adapt to work environments as at hotels.


--> Specifications: Fully trimmed, assorted pala armchair and pouf. Inerne frame in steel wire and molded foam. Available with fixed or swivel base. Available in many colors. Total backrest Height 970 mm, total depth 860 mm, Seat height 400 mm.





Soft Props is a modular seating system imagined by Konstantin Grcic . For this product, CASSINA has put all its know-how at the service of the inventiveness of the designer. The designer made the choice of an architectural sofa, delimited by this black tubular structure which also serves as a backrest. 

"I wanted to create a piece related to space, something more abstract, but without compromising anything in terms of comfort." Konstantin Grcic


--> Specifications: Iron tubular structure painted in black and partially covered with expanded polyurethane, padding in expanded polyurethane and feathers, fabric or leather cover in the Cassina collections, varnished coffee tables in several colours: walnut, natural oak or black painted. Dimensions 85 x 110 or 85 x 170 cm.





Salone-Del-Mobile _ Emmemobili-Portico _ Huskdesignblog

EMMEMOBILI is a typical Italian brand that makes woodworking work in all its forms, an excellence. The quality is the master word of all their collections, and their stand with current colors has not gone unnoticed on the show: Dim lights, exceptional design. The pieces are imposing but divinely harmonious, the design is wanted and a bit humorous.


--> Specifications: Block and Portico cabinets ...



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The Salone del Mobile 2017 was an opportunity for GLAS ITALIA To present pieces designed by designers from different backgrounds. While remaining avant-garde, the brand has been able to adapt to the constraints imposed by the new technologies, but also the new expectations. The products of this new collection have their own personality and stand out widely from each other, although a harmony is visible. On the right, the screen Fragment designed by Nendo, uses special decorated glasses that create an illusory game of mirrors and transparencies.


--> Specifications: liquefy tables by Patricia Urquiola. Collection consisting of a table and three low tables in extra light tempered glass, the effect of which echoes the grain of the marble. The decoration is surrounded by a colorful coordinated frame painted on the glass perimeter. Available in green and pink-beige shades.

Screen fragment of Nendo. Collection consisting of two tables, a coffee table and a screen, in extra light tempered glass. The tables have cylindrical aluminium bases. Thehe tables are available in bronze and anodised bronze brushed aluminum.





GTV has also introduced many new features on this edition. The Chair N.0designed by Front, offers a new look at the elegance that qualifies their products. Composed of three circles-backrest, Assisi, Acoudoir (unique!)-this chair is anchored in our time, where the codes are reviewed but with respect, always keeping a trace of the original design. 


--> Specifications: Dimensions: Height 860 mm x Width 550 mm x depth 550 mm. File available in natural straw or black fishnet. Black lacquered curved wood structure. Available with single acoudoir or without. Different fabrics available for the seat.





The stand of MINIFORMS Was all in color, hymn to the Gaïeté, he wanted to stay there for hours. All the products presented, whether they are part of the old or the new collection were presented in such a way as to highlight a lively and refreshing spirit.


--> specifications: Iola and Claretta chairs. 





NIKARI is a Finnish brand celebrating its 50th anniversary of existence on the occasion of the exhibition. Nikari is at heart to honor the Nordic tradition, using raw materials, unwrought and natural, such as wood and leather. The result? A passion for wood that results in ever more contemporary products, with finishes of superb quality. The brand treats wood only with substances from nature such as oils, waxes and soaps.


--> Specifications: Lounge chair XL DECEMBER Jasper Morrison and Wataru Kumano. Legs in oak or ash, sitting in leather or canvas. Dimensions: Width x height 700/380 mm x depth 595 mm 705 mm.

Set of April tables by Alberto Häberli. Available in oak, ash or birch. Dimensions: Widths 300/500/150 mm x Heights 400/200/600 x depths 500/600/250 mm.





The very graphic stand of PEDRALI, presented as small scenes, is a tribute to the strength of this Italian company through the metaphor of the geometry of solids. In a subdued atmosphere, we walk around and discover the new collection gradually, which is composed of versatile and functional products, as always.


--> Specifications: Alessandro Busana sofa and sunset armchair. Made of polyethylene (white colour, beige, sand), the cushions are made of polyurethane foam and are removable and water-proof. Dimensions: 800 x 720 or 1500 x 720 mm.

GIRAVOLTA lamps by Basaglia Rota Nodari. Wireless outdoor lamps, injected plastic structure, polycarbonate diffusuer. Available colours: white, black, beige, yellow, orange, green. Heights 1300/500/330 mm, diameter 150 mm.





During this edition of the Salone del Mobile 2017, SANCAL came to present its Enigma, made up of 5 new products. Enigma is a response to the darkness of the world, a response to uncertainty through humour, a color-based antidote and a surreal scenography. From the outside, everything seems normal, and yet once in the heart of the stand, we find ourselves captivated by what goes on there ...


--> specifications: Magnum Chair by José Manuel Ferrero. Customizable product. The base can be: simple, a central support in lacquered metal, a base in fabric, or 4 feet. 

Acoustic panels BEETLE of Mut Design. Available in 6 variants, several colors and fabric combinations are possible. Support oak can be stained.





SWEDESE appealed to the most talented Scandinavian designers for its 2017 collection. Many of the new elements are inspired by the heritage of designer Yngve Ekström. The characteristic folded wood, as well as simple and elegant forms centered on the function are visible in the collection. This season, the new coating Nature Textile.KUSTAA Saksi just revives the curves of the Lamino chair!


--> Specifications: Nature Textile of Kustaa Saksi is available in black or green.

POND coffee table by Monica Förster. Trays in 3 different stones, stone grey lite, limestone ölands and granite. Two different heights are available. Dimensions: Height 390/450 mm x length 600 mm x width 400 mm.






ELINA ULVIO. In the spotlight this year, the collection Lampi Presents a series of objects that are mirrored to the vertical, and are made trays horizontally ...



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DAISUKE KITAGAWA. Nice surprise from the entrance Su Salone satellite, with the discovery of the latest novelty of the Japanese designer: the table Floe table, whose glass trays are interchangeable and available in several colors. Stunning.



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FONTANA ARTE. For the first time, the brand collaborated with the young Sicilian architect Francesco Librizzi, who gave birth to the Setareh (Table lamps and suspensions), all in finesse and elegance ... a real work on the balance of forms.




OLIVIA LEE. Another nice surprise, the collection Athena of Olivia Lee, which honours the woman and her independence, by creating a series of modular objects enabling her to influence her environment (for example, the hairdresser Althar dressing table where the mirror is interchangeable with a phone holder or a pedestal where to showcase a fetish product).



LAURA VARE. Exposed on the same stand asElina Ulvio (Luomo Collective) , Laura Vare offers the series of luminaires 7. purposes, graphics and inspired by a simple line on paper, they offer a return to the basics.



LUCE PLAN. On this Salone del Mobile 2017, and more particularly on Euroluce and the Salone SatelliteLuce Plan presented Amisoldesigned by Daniel Rydbakken. A luminaire occupying a large space, but with minimal volume, and incomparable grace!


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PAULINEPLUSLUIS. The Belgian duo struck again with Venice, this astonishing application is directly inspired by the Venetian blind principle. A lightweight, even aerial product, which reproduces with ingenuity the interaction of the rays of the sun with the geometry of the DIT store ...



HANNA SÄRÖKAARI. Finally, the third protagonist of the Luomo collective has designed the Lollipop Effective design, capable of reflecting the light it produces as well as the colors of its environment.



CHMARA.ROSINKE. This Viennese designers' duo strive for everything and who won the Price Émile Hermès in 2016, presented on a harmonious stand and purified their new creations-the chair in the foreground and the carpet-among their emblematic products. 






Rossana Orlandi is a great lady of design who has the habit of exposing designers before everyone else. Browsing the world of biennials in salons, she has made famous many talents like for example lately Fernando Mastrangelo. Her famous gallery in Milan, Via Bandellois known to offer the visitor the opportunity to discover a range of impressive new names and products that will make the trends of tomorrow. Small selection, but great talents.


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Fabulous work of glass by Dutch designer Germans Ermics. At Rossana Orlandi, he presented theOmbré Glass Chair as well as the Horizon Screen That made sensation under the very lively pergola of their host. The designer plays on the too fragile, too miraculous aspect of this collection in order to divert the functional spirit that nevertheless lives them.





Hattern is a young design studio that has focused on working on a material capable of expressing colors and nuances using the principles of refraction and transmission of light. Their series of vases Mellow, in transparent or translucent acrylic, performed remarkably well this challenge.





Who could believe that these lamps are made of leather? And yet, here is the feat. The 2017 collection of Jorge Penadés Studio includes the Structural Skin , whose structure is indeed made of leather, and are available in any color. The study of this material in order to experience it gives rise to a unique and incredible motive.


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--> special mention for the NOV Gallerywhich featured in this edition of the Salone del Mobile 2017, many talents.




Both designers are fascinated by polyurethane foam. Playing on the codes of VU/Unvu, they first reveal to visitors a material that is used to be hidden, rarely put on the front of the stage. In addition, with Foam Me, they ask the question of the hybrid furniture. Can we attribute several functions to furniture?





The small lamp RTB by .Vincent Dechelette Is surprising and different from what we perceive at first glance. You think she's light? Its plinth is made of terrazzo. You think she's fragile? Its diffuser preformed is made of plastic (pet) and whose free color sublimates the whole of this lamp, appreciated as much lit as for the object itself. 





The studio Thevoz-Choquet Réinterprêté an object whose form could quickly become a classic in terms of design: the bicycle lock. Emphasizing the minimal and functional aesthetics of the latter, the duo of designers has rebâptisé the series The Locked Objects, allowing it to finally penetrate into a new universe, that of the interior.






The publishing house Scarlet Splendour, for its third participation in the Salone del Mobile, introduced a new collection which includes the very feminine series 88 secrets, with remarkable finishes, designed by Nika Zupanc Which was decidedly under the spotlight this year. 88 Secrets for the 88 known constellations of man ... 2017? Definitely a Galactic year.






The selection of the best in the 2017 Salone del Mobile - Dimorestudio The selection of the best in the 2017 Salone del Mobile - Dimorestudio The selection of the best in the 2017 Salone del Mobile - Dimorestudio The selection of the best in the 2017 Salone del Mobile - Dimorestudio The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - COS x Studio Swine The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - COS x Studio Swine The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - COS x Studio Swine The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - COS x Studio Swine The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Hermès The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Hermès The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Hermès The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Hermès The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Lee Broom The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Lee Broom The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Lee Broom The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Jaime Hayon The best-of Salone del Mobile 2017 - Marc Ange and Wallpaper*.


Here we go for the best-of this Salone del Mobile 2017! If you missed it, take a look at the article retracing the collaboration of De Castellli with 7 women designers!

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