Collection: "In the Shadow of a man",

by Child Studio


Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017, in the historical flower shop Ditta Angelo Radaelli (Brera District ), the collection In the Shadow of a Man of the London studio Child Studio, could not go unnoticed. This is their first collection, and yet this very successful work between design and architecture fascinates us. Come find out the subtle balance of these illuminating sculptures.

The first element put forward regarding the first collection of Child Studio is the illusion. Indeed, you believe it sculpture, it is in fact lighting object. You would imagine it almost animated, capable of producing a movement back and forth in order to play literally with the luminous spheres. This is not the case, but this subtle balance between reality and fantasy arouses our interest by making us almost pass over to the dream.

Then the designers Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov are playing with our emotions, giving us this feeling of suspense almost unbearable when one imagines the spheres of glass which can fall at any moment, because of the movement that our minds imagine. Again, this is not the case, but inviting spectators, in spite of themselves, to invest emotionally in the game of these sculptural objects, makes them as real as imaginary

Finally, viewed from different angles, the shapes of these sculptures seem to change, evolving according to a new three-dimensional perception rule. The illusion of movement lies not only in their status of half-architecture half-object, but also in the fact that according to our point of view, these forms with light spheres appear different to us. Moreover, their reference to the surrealist universe is indeed there: moving forms like Dalì, and quote from the Italian surrealist painter Giorgio De Chirico: 

"There is much more mystery in the shadow of a man who walks on a sunny day than in all the religions in the world." 


To meditate...

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Source: Trendland

Chloé Valette