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GET THE LOOK # 5 - The India Mahdavi style

India Mahdavi is a multifunction personality, as good as an architect than a designer. This quality is probably due to her multicultural and polyglot capacity. Recently acclaimed for her colorful project of the Red Valentino store in Rome, India Mahdavi is just like her projects, polychrome. On the occasion of her rug collection, newly created for the French brand Cogolin, let's find out the Mahdavi style and design.



The India Mahdavi style



get the look india mahdavi designer furniture huskdesignblog


In order to decrypt this scene, let's start with the innovative piece :


THE RUG: Member of the Jardin Intérieur collection and recalling the Oriental style close to the origins of the designer, this rug is part of the "The Creels" category of COGOLIN. This rug is available in thickness from 6 to 12mm and manufactured in stages of 70 cm. Six different patterns have been designed for this collection that can be assembled together to create only one piece. Very graphic, this rug collection is available in yellow mustard, green, red, purple, beige and brown.

THE SOFA: The Jetlagcouch, unusual here in pink, is a model that has emerged during the early days of India Mahdavi Agency in paris, in 1999. Available in lengths 212, 250 and 300 cm, H 72cm, D 95cm. Many coated fabrics are available.

THE ARMCHAIRS: Gelato, is a comfortable easy chair with walnut legs and a coated fabric in velvet mohair and nubuck. However, they look classic but they are very adaptable. Available in 4 colors: green, red, dark blue, sky blue. Dimensions: 72 cm, L 50 cm and D 70 cm. Designed in 2014. 

THE MARBLE SIDE TABLE: This marbled pedestal-sculpture is an original piece. Its heavy foot in faceted ceramic remains unique in the category of the marbled tables. Its name is Joker and is available in 4 versions with marbled tops in black, white, green and brown. Dimensions: H 51 cm, Diameter 48 cm.

THE CERAMIC TABLE: You could see the Starr table and different variations of it in most of India Mahdavi's major projects, including the Germain restaurant in Paris, and theMonte Carlo beach Hotel. In ceramic, oak and walnut, it is available in diameters 80 and 110 cm, with a height of 68 cm. The graphic base will be the perfect touch of madness to put forward in your projects.

THE LAMP: The Don Giovanni, Casanova lamp is aptly named. Made with the famous Murano glass, its legs strangely reminds us the Lolitatable and they fit perfectly together. Two sizes are existing: H 54 cm, Lampshade H 24 cm, Diameter 29 cm and H 73 cm, Lampshade H 42 cm and Diameter 36.5 cm.

THE CUSHION: This cushion is called Nude Blush, and it is made to be associated with its mates Terracotta Blush and Green Blushdimensions 50 x 50 cm. 


 ➡ All these furniture are visible online here, and in real at the showroom of the 3 rue las cases, 75007 Paris.  





get the look india mahdavi designer furniture huskdesignblog


1/5/6. Bishop pedestal-stools, glazed ceramic, marble or wood, 12 colors, H 60 or 75 cm.

2. The Dot ottoman, in fabric and leather, H 46.5 cm, Diameter 36 cm.

3. The Botero armchair, L 80 cm x P 75 cm x H 75 cm.

4. The Charlotte chair, in fabric and brass, L 65 cm D 59 cm, H 75 cm.

6. The Lolita table, in brass and glass, with an oak or walnut top, H 55 cm and Diameter 48 cm.



...and these products are currently exposed at the Ralph Pucci International Gallery, in New York


get the look india mahdavi designer furniture pucci NYC huskdesignblog


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