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DESIGN: Workstead, the material strength

DESIGN: Workstead, the material strength

DESIGN: Workstead, the material strength



Workstead is a studio of interior architecture and design whose work is oriented towards spaces and objects that are both functional and emblematic. Especially known for the design of hotels whose reputation is no longer to be done – The Dewberry in Charleston, the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, etc. – Workstead has also completed A collection of fixtures and furniture that does not leave indifferent...


Workstead, Candlestick Two, Natural
Workstead, during Oxidized Full Black
Workstead, Lodge candlestick Five Oxidized Black On
Workstead, Helios Furqan lamp
Workstead, during Natural Ace Basin Daytime

Based in Brooklyn and Charleston in the United States, Workstead is at the origin of a characteristic design of The New American Wave, and is part of this generation of studios in Brooklyn That give meaning to materiality by creating genuine and authentic objects, and directly inspired by artisanal craftsmanship. Their work is purified, the balance is well found between a formal envelope at the same time close to the trends of today and tomorrow. Their collection is timeless, able to adapt to a retro architecture, modern or contemporary, thanks in particular to the use of natural materials of which it is impossible to get bored. 

Constantly demonstrating their interest in utility, Workstead has developed allegorical luminaires, worthy representatives of what is currently expected of the luminous function: simplicity and efficiency.


Workstead, Sconce Natural Off White
Workstead, Signal during Hewn Brass Off
Workstead, Sconce Oxidized On Angle White
Workstead, Signal Sconce Hewn Brass Side Off
Workstead, Wardrobe

At Workstead, the search for the raw but perfect form does not remove less a luxurious dimension in the creation of their products. Indeed, the strength of their collection probably lies in the fact that the studio claims a holistic approach to design, where the form and the material strength must form a whole. To the elegant and original woods of oak, ash and walnut, they voluntarily associate refined and sophisticated metals and milks, in order to give depth to their work and to give each room a strong and emblematic position.

Reinforcing the sense of places and objects that surround us in a quest to the authentic's artist, the work of Workstead is no doubt the value to add in each project...


Workstead, Credenza
Workstead, Credenza
Workstead, Credenza


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