Week of November 6, 2017



W E L C O M E everyone to the new topic "Discoveries of the Week"! Here, a whole new world is opening to you, with even more design references at the heart of today's news. This topic will come to you every week to give all the projects I receive and see the visibility they deserve. Online every Friday.





The brand annajames was founded by the graphic designer and illustrator Anna Horvath. With the minimalist and post-modern collection Collezione L!Puff, the designer merges her graphic universe in the form of furniture, whose simple shapes harmonize perfectly with a strong color selection. Made from local materials, the collection has just been released during the Design Week Belgrade. A daring and poetic work, changed before our eyes from the illustration to the scale of design.



Atelier Sauvage


Atelier Sauvage has faced with a major challenge: to create a series of contemporary furniture in harmony with a neo-Renaissance decor of the Pantin city hall. The party taken from the designers-makers duo gives rise to a set of well thought out benches, chairs, and desk, with simple and efficient lines that perfectly value the balance of wood material and deep green color.





Atraform is an interior architecture and design studio but also a furniture factory created by the Swedish-Mexican designer Alexander Diaz Andersson. Designed and developed in-situ, the collection of Atraform combines high technology and traditional and local craftsmanship with success. Sofa Oberon and Painting by Alexander Diaz Andersson, Coffee tables Paloma and Aspa by Pedro Ramirez Vazquez.





The collection 10 Hangul Unit by BKID. Paperweights or sculptures, these elementary and playful forms will take the function you want to give them...



 destroyers / builders


Since 2014, Linde Freya and Joe Groven create projects and objects at different scales within the studio destroyers / builders. Their creations are always in search of a particular tactile effect, of a sensitive dimension at the heart of the design, in line with a thorough search of the form and detail. Here, Archetyping Daybed and Bold Side Table.





The table lamp Dulce by Filippo Mambretti, is as its name implies, soft and strong at the same time. Modern and retro, this product pays homage to the avant-garde spirits of these two eras. Edited by GANTRI - a brand new publisher and online shop allowing designers to design through 3d printing - this eco-friendly lamp is no less elegant and captivating...



 Giorgio Bonaguro


The strange scenography of the new collection of the Italian designer Giorgio Bonaguro, is very timely during this Halloween period... Between simplicity of the material and Italian sophistication, this collection made up of coffee tables and a candleholder was noticed at the beginning of the month at the independent Design Festival Operae, in Torino. 



 Maxim Maximov


The new Asketik collection by Maxim Maximov uses elementary shapes to reveal the harmony of objects relative to each other, but also in relation to space. With a certain vision of minimalism, the designer asks the question of the double-function of the objects.



 Pool Studio

AD Magazine recently gave carte blanche to the duo of Pool Studio in order to create a lounge around the new Samsung screen. Mixing their chair Column, to pieces of young designers as to references that have crossed the time, Pool designed a cosy case where the screen becomes a painting.Could we even talk about a painting in a painting



Truly Truly Studio


At the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, we were able to appreciate once again the work of the Truly Truly Studio, this time with the collaboration of Baars & Bloemhoff, for the Exposition Transitions III. The studio has created a series of Column Lights with an architectural look although at the scale of the object. The duo chose to create a composite and monochromatic design from forbo bulletin board and anodised aluminium, for its special interaction with light.



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