How could the French presidential office be furnished?



On Sunday, France will elect its future President. is the ideal opportunity to rethink the famous presidential office of theElysée Palace. Built in 1720, the palace is the ambassador of the French style and politics of the country as well as its president. Its luxurious interiors of Versailles style interiors are world famous, but are they still in keeping with our times and the real image of France? More than ever, People ask for change, so would it not be time to give the Elysée the renewal it deserves? Here are some development proposals for his future occupant...



"Elysée" by Laurent Grasso-French artist of international renown-Galerie Perrattan, exhibition held from January 7 to 14, 2017. 



The STYLE Versailles, yes but...


If one is all admiring of the Versailles style, its high ceilings, its finely gilded mouldings and its ornate walls, however, it must be recognized that it is beginning to date. A sign of elegance, heritage and the French art of living, it is a pride for all of us. "We'll see later!" had stated François Hollande From the outset of his mandate about the possible redevelopment of the office, which is to his credit. But in the era of globalisation, the issue of consolidating Europe, Is this image of a presidential office still frozen in 1720 always justified?

Indeed, I am one of those who think that we should no longer elect a monarch, as we continue to do, although we have disguised this appellation as "President of the Republic". France needs an ambassador, in the sense of servant of the word. What spirit, what message should deliver the presidential office and its interior design to its visitors?

If it is certainly inconceivable to remove the mouldings of the walls – The Elysée is listed as a historic Monument – But it is quite possible to rethink its development. Why not consider furniture from all over Europe, or even around the world, that would remain under the protection ofa Versailles hull, which would be the guardian of our image and our peaceful relations with the world?

President of the French Republic, Elysée office - development proposal

1. Floor and walls


President of the French Republic, office Elysée/Cogolin, Interior Garden, design India Mahdavi
President of the French Republic, office Elysée/Cogolin, Interior Garden, design India Mahdavi

If the walls take care of the decorative and conspicuous part, the furniture must it, to complete the whole by attenuating it. It seems to me Focus on sober but inevitably elegant furniture. For starters, imagine replacing the curtains by a noble but plain fabric, a Matt Velvet Light Grey For example, this will begin by changing the atmosphere of the room into something much softer.

Then we imagine very well a very large Modern carpet, which would encompass the whole office + living room. For example the collection ofIndia Mahdavi for the French manufacture COGOLIN, would allow by choosing a Beige or Golden tone, to echo the mouldings thanks to its very graphic style, while adding comfort and modernity.



2. The Office


President of the French Republic, Bureau Elysée/Sovet Italia, Regolo
President of the French Republic, office Elysée/Artifort, Zuma
President of the French Republic, office Elysée/Artifort, Zuma
President of the French Republic, Bureau Elysée/Sovet Italia, Regolo

As regards the office of Louis XV style, it was drawn in the 18th century by Charles Cressent And throne in the presidential play since the election of General de Gaulle... Only François Mitterand, a daring man of contemporary art, exchanged all the furniture in his office against a Blue Klein ensemble signed Pierre Paulin from 1988 to 1995.

Mr. President needs space, the numerous stacks of files present on the video. In order not to weigh down the room while giving it a new air, what better than a desk in a smoky glass or walnut, at the presidential stature? The  Regolo designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for SOVET ITALIA seems totally appropriate to me. Simple and distinguished, it finally registers this room in the 21st century.

– > Specification: Available in Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 74 H, 240 x 120 x 74 H, and 250 x 100 x 74 h and in top finishes in smoked or laminated glass, or wood: Walnut, Wenge, beech.


As regards the Presidential chair, I propose the leather version but on the wheel base of the novelty 2017 of ARTIFORT: Zuma, designed by the French designer Patrick Norguet. A chic, balanced and comfortable armchair that will bring maintenance and class to the head of state.

– > Specification: Style armchair with high backrest, seat and backrest in fabric or leather (large choice of coatings), star Base or with Castors in chromed steel.

In front of the office, as visitors seats, we imagine two chairs 0414, timeless and sculptural, from GALLOTTI & RADICE. And as for the storage, the Italian brand also edites a set of high and low consoles and storage furniture: the collection Tama. Different versions could thus discreetly amplify the storage capacity of our President.



 3. Lighting


President of the French Republic, office Elysée/Oluce, Atollo table lamp
President of the French Republic, office Elysée/Roll & Hill, Krane sconce
President of the French Republic, Elysée Office/Atelier Areti, Column Globe

Obviously, no way to come here to dislodge the chandelier Baccarat Grafted to the palace. But in order to further the lighting and highlight the scenery, the wall sconce Krane, by .ROLL & HILL – especially seen in Milan Seems to me to be appropriate. Its lantern function will remind us of the period corridors, when its contemporary black-pointed look will bring the perfect indirect lighting to revive that of the chandelier.

– > Specification: Available in fall 2017! Dimensions: H 113 cm, lamp diameter 26 cm. LED 120 or 240v. Black lacquered aluminium finish.


And here is to awaken the neutral tones of the desk, imagining two lamps Atollo by OLUCE Placed on either side of the board, in order to establish the stature of the plateau. The gilded appearance of the lamps is obviously wanted, echoing the mouldings, the metal brings the brightness, which a president can not do without!

– > Specification: Table lamp in gilded satin aluminium, dimensions: variables, 2 x 75W maximum.


Finally to awaken the angles, I choose the floor lamp Column Globe of theATELIER ARETI, arranged in the four corners of the room and perhaps also on the lounge side, for its sobriety and righteousness. 

– > Specification: Brushed brass rod, Dimensions: total height 183 cm, stem height 150 cm, globe diameter 25 cm, base diameter 40 cm. E27, 60w or LED equivalent power supply.



4. The lounge area


President of the French Republic, office Elysée/Holly Hunt, Edie sofa
President of the French Republic, Bureau Elysée/Dup Low table, Christophe de Leon

As far as the lounge/reception area is concerned, a couch Where the president could sit in front of his guests seems judicious. We are in the French presidential office, so we must be generous on the volume but not too much because this room is not as big as one might think. So I choose the couch Edie, edited by HOLLY HUNT, and designed by the French architect Tristan Auer, on the occasion of the rehabilitation of theHotel Les Bains Paris. Inspired by the famous sofaAndy Warhol, it is the arty touch that France represents and which it takes care of.

– > Specification: Walnut sofa, velvet and leather, dimensions: L229 x Prof. 96 x H75 cm or L279 x prof. 96 x H75 cm. Several colors available.


To accompany this piece, it is necessary to count at least 4 reception armchairs In order to be able to receive easily. One imagines an efficient, fine and neat armchair, as can be the armchair Anello by .BRUNO FAUCZ for example, Past Master in the art of sitting. This renowned Brazilian designer proposes a armchair with a vintage look but resolutely contemporary, chosen black for sobriety, with brass inserts for elegance.

And finally, in order to establish the role of the French presidential office and its host, a coffee table French, designed by CHRISTOPHE DELCOURT, Dup, whose imposing, smooth and sculptural mass also helps to soften the mouldings and decorations of the walls. We're French, we're generous.



Long live the Republic, and long live France.


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