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How to get a collector's interior?

The interiors of the collectors Make us dream because they are unique and stick perfectly to the personality of their creators. These characters and their places of life facinent us because they knew how to make beautiful without going into the trends, create harmony at the margins of the outline of the design. Apart from their undeniable good taste and their sense of beautiful things, how do they create such peculiar interiors? Decryption of the collector style, or some ways to blow it under our roofs.



How to get a collector's interior?





As a movie Director, attributing to each of his players a character, be sure to define a specific role for each item entering in the composition of your interior. Floors, walls and ceilings but also furniture, decorations and plants must have a single task and stick. There will be the warm element (a dark ceiling? An imposing and comfortable sofa?), the one who will bring freshness (a yellow chick chair? A green wall?), the one which will reassure by its simplicity and which will come to sprinkle the whole of a touch of originality (among others).

As you may have noticed, it is there where begins the identity of your interior because according to your tastes and your way of life, you will place your interests and classify each item differently from your neighbor. Just as the art of putting in color beforehand discussed in the article "How to become a color expert", you may like the powerful colors with identity, when your best friend perhaps prefers neutral and light tones. And such a Director do not hesitate, sometimes to switch the roles!


How to create a collector's interior dramatise





For there is nothing like a change of rhythm, a renowned Cinema Like in real life, to live and relive a place. And it is because it is not forbidden to see big and far in life, that our friends collectors are not afraid to combine objects to proportions sometimes opposite in the same space. Thus, going through the infinitely small and the disproportionately large, your interior takes on the airs of an exhibition hall, where such an object of contemporary art, a luminaire, a Table Or even a couch become centerpieces and set the tone. 


Interior design how to create a collector's interior dramatise





The unexpected must wait for your guests at least two or three times current the visit of your interior. By unexpected, hear a color which takes place surprisingly, An original detail over a hallway or even Incongruous colorful associations. The unexpected may also be in an object style offset from other elements. Have fun creating what doesn't exists anywhere else, ask yourself how to push up your taste and your colors, how to make them more special than any other. Because obviously the unexpected will be successful only if it is unique, well thought out and it allows you to stand out.


Interior design how to create a collector's interior cause the unexpected



Reinforce yourself in the "LESS IS MORE"...


Because the epure is somewhere, surprising. While we all tend to accumulate objects and accessories under our roof - because we love it! - Opt for a very simple interior and minimalist But composed only of beautiful pieces you guaranteed a remarkable and noticed effect. If you are able to settle for the essential, the technique of the less is more has the advantage of decluttering mind and housing. Get inspired by the catchphrase ofAdolf Loos "Ornament is a crime", by refocusing around what is essential in your house. Magnified by the colours and the materials, your home will reward you.


Interior design Interior design how to create a collector's interior less is more





The characteristic of a collector is to collect, to add the finds in order to possess the best, so why not drawing inspiration from this? A priori I will be told that it is not easy to "collect" so many paintings, sculptures and Signed Furniture are rare AND expensive. But nothing prevents anyone from creating his own collection with strokes of ikea and vintage pieces fom the flea market. After all, the essence of a collection is that its owner attributes a value to it, whatever it is: sentimental, merchant, aesthetic, in connection with a style, a current, an artistic movement close to his heart, anyway feel free to shape yourself as a collector so that your home will feel that spirit for sure!


Interior design how to create a collector's interior mix and match



Some ideas from the editors:


Interior design how to create a collector's interior mix and match



It's up to you to create a memorable interior that a collector would dream of!


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Photo sources: Dimore Studio, Studiopepe, Beppe Brancato, Jee Draper, Mark Peridis


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