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Since the beginning of the year, an army of novelties in terms of lighting has been seen blooming on the design shows and on the web. This is one of the areas where design benefits to the fullest from the technological, cultural and aesthetic advances that man, from everywhere, makes emerge day after day. Here are five new minimalist luminaires that make the difference in 2017, and that will give your interior an avant-garde effect for sure.



1. Bower, Series C


It is on the occasion of the event ICFF 2017 that BOWER has presented a series of 3 graphic mirrors and lightings with minimal spirit: the C Series. Consisting of two suspensions, a lamp floor and a wall sconce, this series is, as its name implies, the perfect harmony between the shape of a C and simple bulbs. As often in the work of Bower, we find this concern to associate forms, especially circles, giving a singular dynamics to all their projects. 



2. Filippo Mambretti for Selene Illuminazione, Guazza


The Guazza series designed by FILIPPO MAMBRETTI was discovered on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2017 (Euroluce). The luminaires are the result of an almost perilous association between the three shapes representing the rounding: the sphere, the curve, and the circle. The soft light that escapes from the sphere is reflected by its curved metal support, itself supported by a solid base in a marble circle. This light disturbs our perception but is the very example of the less is more success. Good job.



3. Michael Anastassiades, Mobile Chandelier Series


MICHAEL ANASTASSIADES this year has presented the series Mobile Chandelier, light and aerial fixtures, and whose Calder inspiration Delight us. The oscillation of these creatures in space is captivating and allows the position of a suspension to be seated above a table or counter in a vaporous and discreet style. In the family of the new minimalist luminaires, it is certain that the designer and his taste for the simple and refined stand out and will remain a good time in the category of trends category...


4. Earnest Studio, Post Lamp Family


The last series born of the EARNEST STUDIO's spirit encourages the customization and appropriation of each luminaire. Indeed, each of them, whether the table lamp, the floor lamp or the suspension, is flexible as to the arrangement of its light sources. Thanks to a system of magnets connecting them to their structure, it is easy to decide that the light will be more to the left, right, bottom or top. As usual, the Dutch studio offers a new function, with a free-spirited character.



5. Michael Anastassiades, Floor and Composition Table


Once again, the work of MICHAEL ANASTASSIADES is clashing in the world of lighting. This hybrid set of two tables/lamps reveals a design as minimal as extraordinary. Is it the delicate balance of shapes or perhaps the color? In any case, the Master proposes a subtle and refined light source which he alone knows the secret, able to give a real identity to our interiors.



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Chloé Valette