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ATELIER BIAGETTI: "NO SEX", the scenography of design

TheAtelier Biagetti - – formed by Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari - is in between a studio of designers, a duo of filmmakers and researchers in the field of perception. Their approach to design in the form of set design, has previously been highlighted at the Milan 2016 by Maria Cristina Didero, and they will also be honored at the Design Miami show this month. Let us start with the discovery of their surprising universe, such as an exhibition of contemporary art opening its doors ...



Atelier Biagetti : NO SEX,

the scenography of design






Alberto Biagetti et Laura Baldassari sont passionnés par les réactions et les perceptions que chaque être humain peut avoir d’une idée ou d’un sentiment. Leur travail est généralement la synthèse des sensations du corps, de l’imagination de l’esprit et de la réalité physique d’un évènement ou d’un état. Ces designers/chercheurs/artistes avec leur nouvelle oeuvre NO SEX, take us to experiment design by placing it in a new and more human context rather than a simple "I like / I don't like.".

NO SEX, it is also the observation of trends of a society. TheAtelier Biagetti pushes us to ask ourselves the question of sex access, putting our moral, our senses and our sensations in competition with a quasi-medical aesthetic that arouses anxiety and curiosity.

And if this universe inspires psychological confrontation, it is also undeniable that we have there a reinterpretation of the Sigmund Freud practice - meridian, stool, medical material, etc. - this place to confide fears and find some kind of appeasement, also brought new sensations - Maybe new desires? – et tente de redéfinir le sexy et la source même de l’excitation chez l’Homme.


atelier biagetti no sex design scenography

  atelier biagetti no sex design scenography

  atelier biagetti no sex design scenography






Each project born of the spirit of theAtelier Biagetti it's a story in its own right. Tel le plateau d’un court métrage, leurs objets et mobiliers prennent tout leur sens by being placed with care, taking their role of centerpieces waiting for actors entry. 


« We aim to design objetcs that catalyze actions around them – to provoke life »,


Alberto Biagetti et Laura Baldassari


Indeed, NO SEX tells a story and makes us its actors. La puissance du champ lexical employé et l’aspect narratif de ces objets qui dans notre insconscient ont une signification claire - although not everybody is necessarily consulting a professional to cure these psychological ailments - make our imagination come into play. We project ourselves, we invent our own scenario that this staging whispers to us. 

A bit like the second part of a saga, the logical continuation of the BODY BUILDING project has for objectif de transformer la perception de ce qui nous entoure, by modeling reality to take us to dream and fantasy, only from objects and suggestions, both by words and by forms. 


atelier biagetti no sex design scenography


atelier biagetti no sex design scenography


atelier biagetti no sex design miami design scenography 2016






Each part of the scenography was designed with a great attention to detail. The leather work, very present, made by the best craftmens of Italy. It will therefore be noted that each piece has been shaped so as to create a sensation, or rather sensations, since they will surely be different for everyone. The leather is a reminder to the skin and the organic materials range, le cuivre pour l’aspect clinquant et moderne, au fur et à mesure de notre voyage dans l’univers de l’Atelier Biagetti, nous sommes tour à tour sujets à l’humour, la sensualité, la gêne, le sexy, la fascination.

But in addition to submitting a particular aesthetic, the Italian duo has managed to ensure that furniture is able to provide us with as many sensations as an art piece or a music track. Their objects give us chills and awaken in us a whole new interest in design, the one of perception. The one who has finished with this version which would consist of flattering only the beautiful, but the one that goes further, arousing the ability to get involved in this scene and to see one another. A real work of a movie director that allows us to identify ourselves with a situation, perhaps even with an object.


atelier biagetti no sex design scenography


atelier biagetti no sex design scenography


atelier biagetti no sex design scenography

A droite: Alberto Biagetti et Laura Baldassari



Be sure to explore their website to go to other adventures, with other designs. 

Patricia Findlay présentera NO SEX in Miami par l’Atelier Biagetti au Design Miami from November 30th to December 4th 2016.


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