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Acoustic solutions: How to improve our comfort with Design?

Acoustic solutions: How to improve our comfort with Design?

The acoustics is a problem that is still and has been encountered in companies, whether small or large. Indeed, when it comes to imagining The interior design of our offices, there is a tendency to choose the option open spacebecause exchanges are more free-flowing, because we don't want more value managers more than the employees, and finally because we find this configuration visually "more enjoyable"

Yes but lo and behold, it only takes one person on the phone for hours to come and disrupt this perfect plan, because to find yourself to several in the same room necessarily has an impact on our acoustic comfort. Fortunately for us, many brands have looked at the issue and now have various design and effective solutions to offer.



What products can improve our acoustic comfort?






acoustical Wallcovering design mute vorm huskdesignblog

Wal covering Mute - De Vorm


The first action to consider if the acoustics of the place is really bad, is to install one or more acoustic wall coverings. Depending on the brand, you will be able to cover an entire wall, like a wallpaper, or with panels.


De VormYou could see the product Mute at the Orgatec fair last week. Its particularity is that it is made from recycled PET bottles. New, upcoming specifications.

Acoustic Panel him is a product that offers two different patterns, achieved by laser cutting. The panels can have either one or two thicknesses of felt. Sound quality: +++ –> Dimensions: 1200 mm wide panels, height 2400 mm, thickness 9 mm. 10 colours available.


acoustical Wallcovering mute vorm huskdesignblog

Left: Mute, De Vorm / Right: Acoustic Panel, De Vorm


Casalis. You also could see Ondo, the novelty, at Orgatec. This acoustic coating is part of the collection Architextiles brand, i.e. textiles to high-performance acoustic properties. These panels to the woolly appearance are very friendly and would be perfectly suitable for a feminine universe. As Ondo, Cello is available in wall full height wall application, in panels, panels suspended from the ceiling and workstation screens between employees. Sound quality: +++ --> Dimensions: 8 sizes of panels available (there are also two types of bindings for rooms corners), 14 colours for Ondo, 9 for Cello. Cello design by Aleksandra Gaca


acoustic coating wall casalis huskdesignblog

Left: Ondo / Right: Cello, Casalis


There are also products that consist of a smaller increase element according to the needs and desires. They have the advantage of express the creativity of everyone, available in several colors, they can also be placed in any direction.


Abstracta. At Abstracta, there are all kinds of acoustic solutions for the office, with the quality at the rendezvous. We can just as well use Scala as wallcovering or in suspension version, just as we can choose a system like Triline, which I love, and which allows in addition to its acoustic efficiency, to give relief. Sound quality: ++ --> Dimensions: Scala, 4 sizes available (see here), 100% recyclable material / Triline, 800 x 400 mm (module), available in the range Blazer of Camira. Design Anya Sebton.  


solution acoustic coatings wall abstracta huskdesignblog

Left: Triline / Right: Scala, Abstracta


Arper. Parentesit is one of my favorite acoustic products. Extremely graphic, it received 3 awards in 2015. The range is composed of two square elements, a round item and an oval item. Each element is divided in two parts, allowing it to be plain or with two different colors. Sound quality: + --> Dimensions: square is 950 x 950 mm, round element is 1000 mm diameter and oval is H 1800 mm, W 1620 mm. 19 ranges of Kvadrat fabrics are available and 2 from Fidivi. Also available in black or white painted metal. Design Lievore Altherr Molina.


acoustic coating wall arper huskdesignblog

Parentesit, Arper


Blastation. The Ginkgo product is very flexible. It can completely cover an entire wall or adopt a particular shape to a defined place. These scales shaped elements can create millions of different combinations. Sound quality: ++, Certified by Acoustic Facts (acoustic report available here). –> Dimensions: 500 x 420 mm (one), available in 31 colors of the range Blazer Lite of Camira. Design Stone Designs.


sound solution wall arper huskdesignblog

Ginkgo, Blastation






sound solution wall caimi huskdesignblog

Flap, Caimi


Caimi. Caimi is a brand that I know well as I worked with them and sold their products. The Flap acoustic panels are very effective because they are made of high-density compressed polyester. The size is always the same, but thanks to its base swivel 360°, all configurations are possible and the product is adjustable in order to ensure the best acoustic angle. I could also put them in the category of wall coverings, but because it can be used alone, and also on the ceiling as a mobile, the "Accessories" category is more suitable. Sound quality: +++-> Flap dimensions: 475 x 600 x 320 x 425 mm, Flap Maxi dimensions: 650 x 815 x 445 x 580 mm, 12 colours available. Design Alberto Meda and Francisco Meda.


sound solution wall caimi huskdesignblog

Flap, Caimi


De Vorm. This time, I introduce you the screen-lamp AK 2which is a stunning piece. The design is fine and subtle and the colors offered, De Vorm are very trendy. Also made of recycled PET bottles, AK 2 offers all the advantages of a lamp and a workstation screen, guaranteeing the privacy of each employee with very good acoustic performance. Sound quality: ++ --> Size: 1500 mm at widest x 500 mm high, 50 mm acoustic panel thickness, thickness of the lamp 190 mm. 10 colours, fluorescent LED 240V lamping. Design Ivan Kasner & Uli Budde.


acoustic solution lamp vorm huskdesignblog

Acoustic lamp AK 2, De Vorm


Abstracta. In an open space, we also have a problem of intimacy when you need to be isolated to receive a personal call. And according to the space available, it is not always easy to be able to dedicate a space for such use, so that colleagues do not suffer from you... Domo is a small booth which will fit anywhere. It allows to isolate yourself, staying out of sight and reducing the spread of the sound during a phone call with its absorbing and attenuating properties. Sound quality: ++ --> Dimensions: Height 1155 mm, width 665 mm, depth 790 mm, can be configured to the left or to the right. Available in the range of fabrics Blazer and Salsa (Kvadrat). Design Stefan Borselius.


solution acoustic cabin abstracta huskdesignblog

Domo, Abstracta


Vitra. Imposing and acoustic sofas will also improve the comfort of a space. The best seller Alcove Highback Sofa system is my favorite because of its simple and effective lines. It allows users to be isolated visually and acoustically, time for a break or a confidential meeting. Alcove is a small room in a room and allows you to build a small world apart. Sound quality: +++-> Several sizes available, 3 ranges of fabrics: Laser, Volo and Credo of Kvadrat. Design Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

acoustic solution sofa vitra huskdesignblogOffecctIn terms of acoustics, everything is good in order to win comfort. Play on the tissue to soften the sound, and remember that glass and metal are your worst enemies. Acoustic, upholstered furniture or even the carpet will help you regulate the acoustics of your premises. Small ottomans Carry on by Offecct have acoustic properties and can be moved into the open space very easily. Their original design will make the perfect ally to young startups and contemporary design. Sound quality: + --> : Height 450 mm, 450 mm diameter. Inner structure wood and MDF. Available in several colors. Design Mattias Stenberg.


solution acoustics pouf offecct huskdesignblog

Carry On, Offecct






solution acoustics arper huskdesignblog

Parentesit, Arper


For those who seek a solution on feet in order to frame and isolate existing workstations, there are many versions of this kind of acoustic panels, modular and flexible.


Arper. This is one of the novelties presented at Orgatec: the new version of the acoustic panels range Parentesit. Indeed, to wall element he also became a frestanding on feet, always adapted to the three shapes, round, square and oval. Very elegant, this screen system is adapting to individual as collaborative work environments. Sound quality: ++ --> Many dimensions and configurations available, frame is in black or white painted metal, same finish as Parentesit wall-mounted version. Design Lievore Altherr Molina.


solution acoustics arper huskdesignblog

Parentesit, Arper


Many are those who propose workstation screen panels in acoustical materials. Here I quote Zilenzio and Buzzispace brands, but you can find these products also at Abstracta, Caimi and many others… 


Zilenzio. This wonderful collection is the result of collaboration between Zilenzio and Note Design Studio. Also available in room divider version. Focus is perfect for the office: the fabric is flexible and takes the shape you want, just put it down to get more privacy. Lines and curves give it a definitely elegant and contemporary look that many other products missed. Sound quality: ++ --> Size: available in lengths 1185, 1980 and 2970 mm in order to be in the center of a bench of several people. Ranges of fabrics available: Blazer Lite and Cara of Camira, Screen, Fame, Twist and Gaja event of Gabriel and Clara, Remix 2 and Revive Kvadrat


solution acoustics zilenzio Development Office huskdesignblog

Collection Focus, Zilenzio


Buzzispace. It is a Belgian brand that offers acoustic solutions but also acoustic furniture. The advantage of the products below Split and Flip-Flop is that they are easily adaptable to existing positions without the need for custom fasteners. Indeed, both of them just come to rest on the workstation to provide privacy and reduce surrounding sounds. Sound quality: ++ --> Split dimensions: Novelty, upcoming specifications. Flip-Flop, available in several lengths: 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm. Fire retardant fabric products. Many colours available. Design Flip-Flop by Alain Gilles.


solution acoustics buzzispace huskdesignblog

Left: Split / Right: Flip-Flop, Buzzispace


To finish, you can also opt to replace some workstations by a sound system all in one, allowing the user an optimal and intimate sound to be largely attenuated so as not to spread.


Koleksiyon. This is the case of the small extra office Cap, imagined as a personal work area. Available with a lighting and an integrated cable management system, it is the perfect solution in the case of those who have opted for a workplace where space is no longer dedicated, and everyone settles according to its discretion and obligations. Sound quality: ++ --> Dimensions: Length 1000 mm, depth 890 mm, height adjusts from 740 to 1565 mm. Available in the range of Blazer Lite of Camira fabrics. Design Studio Kairos.


solution acoustics koleksiyon huskdesignblog

Cap, Koleksiyon



The acoustics can be improved. As a reminder, avoid glass and metal, and treat the space as a whole: ceilings, walls, floors, furniture... Here are some ideas to improve your work environment! For more information, visit brand websites or contact me!



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