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Top 5 of 2016 Design Reeditions!

In this article, in line with our week theme Color-Block, here is the 5 best design reeditions edited this year and which can make their designers, very proud.







&tradition-Flowerpot-pendant-lamp-reedition-Verner-PantonVERNER PANTON, 1971. This series of two lamps and a suspension was designed in the 70's while to appease the student revolts of the time, the movement Flower Power was born... FLOWERPOTso it is a balanced and well thought-out mixture between the softness of the round design of the time of its creation and a maddening modernity. "Less is More" again, or simply two spheres nested harmoniously into another, with the result simplicity and perfection. Yet of the lamps we saw, thousands, hundreds of thousands. But the lamp Verner Panton's is one that we secretly dream of at night, one that we would like to have a copy of on our nightstand or our desk, so that she can enlighten us.

&Tradition, available in 13 colors.





Bertjan pot boxblocks fabric armchair_cassinaGERRIT THOMAS RIETVELD, 1935. This Chair, that's all a story. It was indeed the first piece that G.T Rietveld designed to offer comfort and quality product to the market of the "Mass Design"design. We remember this singular shape, however nothing distinguished it from others in terms of coating. Fortunately for us, CASSINA and Bertjan Pot have had the wonderful idea to collaborate on this project to reissue this year. The design of the fabric of each room is unique, and the combination of triangles is never repeated. That is why, thanks to its propantion in the limited edition, this piece takes the status of the work of art and the unique. Thus, due to their high artistic value and their specific creative character, all the models in the collection Cassina are protected by copyright. Lucky are those who own one of its design reissues.

CASSINA, limited edition of 90 copies, 3 colours of fabrics BoxBlocks





locus-SOLUS-Gae-Aulenti-exteta-2016-6GAE AULENTI, 1964. Do you remember the film The pool, with Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin ? Of course. Well know that all outdoor furniture Locus Solus There appears next to this pool. Indeed absolutely representative of the era "With its vivid colours and lines, and which adapts perfectly to the environment with vivacity and personality". These furnishings were the first real set of known outside. Designed in 1964 by Gae Aulentiwas our surprise to find its elements to the Milan Show this year! The features of a well done design are there, the aesthetic is simple, and yet,. we should have thought about that. We quickly forget that this series was icon of another era and we can easily imagine him at homefreshener our exteriors. And maybe once sat on these reissues design we we will turn into Delon, Schneider or Birkin ?

 EXTETA, series consisting of: table and chairs, coffee table, footrest, high stool, lamp, armchair and deck chair. Colors are red, green, yellow, blue and white.





cryptogramme-stool-Roger-Tallon-reedition-sentou-CopieROGER TALLON, 1969. As you can see, all of these parts are in line with the trend "70 's Revival" trend appeared as early as 2015. We appreciate the initiative of SENTOUthat restores live to those famous stools Cryptogramme by Roger Tallon. Ffrench changeable renowned and which for a time was the partner of Pierre Paulin, Unfortunately, it was eclipsed by the arrival of Philippe Starck... Designed for a cafeteria project at the Grand Palais who never saw the day, it is clear that This mythical stool in the history of design has finally met his destiny and his audience. Sober to make jealous all the designers looking for essential, this base will easily find its place in any environment. Like what, design reissues can sometimes make more noise in our time, thanks to our admiration for the past...

SENTOU, stool available in 8 colors, product sheet here.





parliament lamp le corbusier reedition design nemo lightingLE CORBUSIER, 1963. Light on this product drew the meeting of Parliament Chandigarh in India. This avant-garde lines lamp has been copied many times and it is still. Le Corbusier had the logic of the beautiful geometry and knew how to reveal the basic forms to the public: "Our eyes are made to see shapes through light: (...) cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids are the perfect primary forms that it reveals to us. " Because in what constitutes the Parliament lamp, everything is just a matter of primary forms associated. They give birth to a design perenne and remembered. And then, this genius, who thought to combine direct and indirect light with an adjustable Lampshade. If you are looking for the ornament, know that it is, in any case here, a crime.

NEMO LIGHTING, available in 2 colours.





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