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The Design Files - the most famous design blog in Australia - just announced the setting up of a pop-up store called Open House, which will be open to the public at the end of November. This space whose good waves come to us even by pictures, is a unique and ephemeral place where the work of 40 Australian designers, artists and makers is showcased. Although all current items are open for sale, the Open House is much more than a place of exhibition: a place of inspiration...



The Design Files, Open House 2017, Australia

The Design Files, Open House 2017, Australia


It is incredible to notice that sometimes the coincidences are startling, and sometimes our mind even anticipates the trends. Did you not dream, secretly, of an interior with a clean but warm design, of vibrant colors and Millenial Pink walls? You did imagine it, just like me, and The Design Files gave it life, within a lofty, light-filled warehouse space that encourages us to come in.

In addition to allowing local designers and artists to have their work exhibited, the Open House is also the showcase of the best Australian design for the rest of the world. Because there is indeed a true Australian style and especially many talents to represent it. So it is on a backdrop of the new colors DULUX AUSTRALIA announcing theTrends 2018, that we can see, in particular, CULT and the Nau 2017 Collection, with above the Fat Tulip armchair and the extra table Nest, design ADAM GOODRUM.


The Design Files, Open House 2017, Australia


Also designed by Adam Goodrum, The Bilgola Collection - sofa and coffee table - is not without effects on us, far from it, because the lines and especially the color of this three seater sofa will probably become one of the must-have of the coming year thanks to The Design Files.

In addition, playing the contrast with the pink/red palette of the rest of the space, a deep blue carpet ARMADILLO & CO slipped into the scene... The balance is perfect and the complementary ones well found, neither the pink nor the blue are to banish from our colorful moods. And besides, these hues are revealed to each other, because the pink one certainly softens the blue, where the blue allows the pink to really exist... And what a better way than the artwork of BOBBY AND TIDE to bring the graphic touch that goes so well?

Tray and cushion - Lightly | Vase - Anna Varendorff


One of the most important elements that also allows the pop-up of The Design Files to draw attention, is the art of STEPHEN BAKER, here and there illustrating and complementing beautifully the interior arrangement, its simplistic and colorful characters making space accessible and lively.

Also part of the lead group of the well-known designers having joined the adventure, one finds among others the lamp Polar by ROSS GARDAM, with its very distinctive style, draped in what it has of particular and sculptural.

Plant Pots (left) Lightly | Sandstone Sculpture (right) Den Holm


"We Love uncovering new talent, so this year we introduced over 30 brand new artists, designers and makers to the line-up"

Lucy Feagins, Founder of The Design Files


The Design Files, Open House 2017, Australia

The Design Files, Open House 2017, Australia


The entire design of the The Design Files showroom and the color expertise of Dulux, pays tribute to the work of those who make Australia today a voice that counts and will count in the crucial movements of tomorrow. In fact the evolution of manners always impacts design directly, but also interior design and trends. Although very conceptual, this space allows us to access a new type of Interior-Showroom which it is wise to draw inspiration from.


 ➡ Find the full list of artists and designers exhibited OVER HERE.



From Thursday 23th to Sunday 26th November 2017

Collingwood Arts Precinct
35 Johnston Street
Collingwood 3066
Melbourne, Australia


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Source: The Project Agency


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