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A PROJECT: The Bill Shelves Family by Vincent Dechelette

 A PROJECT: The Bill Shelves Family

by Vincent Dechelette



The project of the industrial designer Vincent Decheletteis one of those which reveal the talent of a designer. Indeed at first glance, the reflection on a shelf system seems to be a simple exercise and almost obvious to the creator as for the viewer. It is magical to dwell on how the designer puts words on his idea. 

The Bill Shelves Family is a series of shelves of habitat or office for which it is the process of shaping that makes all its identity and its harmony. This family playing between transparency and mirror effect is, in fact, a technical monster in order to reveal aluminum sheet and tempered smoked-glass in their best light. These everyday objects could be included in the Domestic Luxury Trend, which I have previously presented, in its ability to offer an effective but valuable dimension to our spaces.

"These shelves in the archetypal image draw their strength of character in the detailed reflection of their function as well as the valorisation of the materials related to their manufacture."

Vincent Dechelette


Vincent Dechelette, the Bill Sheves Family
Vincent Dechelette, the Bill Sheves Family

 -> Shelves available in sections of different lengths. Two details of metric insert at the profile ends are used to screw the vertical panels in aluminium sheet and tempered glass. 



More information on website: Vincent Dechelette

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