Terzo Piano: Interior styling version 3.0


After design, now it is up to interior styling to renew itself. The duo designer + photographer is replaced by a single entity, in charge of both style and rendering. Indeed, TERZO PIANO does everything at the same time and thus allows to give a new approach to interior styling by imagining as 3D modelings more than realistic. Here is  a brand new way of presenting trends and novelties.

Terzo Piano designs attractive atmospheres, inspiring interiors for various material brands (Graniti Fiandre, Fondavalle, Ragno, etc) and furniture (Former, Busnelli, etc). Their smart eye helps to showcase one or more products by anchoring them in a perfect universe to communicate their strengths and benefits. Their creations are and make the trends as much as they use it to stage skillfully, and give credibility or even durability to an object.

The work of Terzo Piano for Graniti Fiandre (photos above) is exceptional, and it is to wonder where perfection comes from: is it always the eye of the stylist, or the 3D modeling that makes it possible to erase any irregularity? Without doubts both, technology bringing here a way to get to the bottom of things and to master them entirely. Their latest project, named Layers (first photos), designed by the stylist Martina Malventi, gently dissects the elements that compose with panache each scene in several images: materials, shapes, space.

A beautiful "mise en abyme" of 3D modeling, more than a tool, a real way to reinvent design.

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Chloé Valette