TRENDS: Black and White simplicity


Sometimes it is good and necessary to regain balance. Black and White have the gift of appeasing us, and the merit of never going out of fashion. In design and architecture, the two opposite shades are specific to serenity, but also to highlight and without the use of any additional devices, lines and shapes expertly thought by the designers. A way to stay at the drawing stage, to find inspiration as if we were still in the creator's head...


In the furniture category, we have recently been able to appreciate a unique collaboration between Luca Nichetto, Nendo and &tradition, on the occasion of the Isole collection release. The couch, stemming from the poetic character of Nendo and pragmatism of Nichetto, finds thanks to our eyes so much that it is half furniture, half object.

The Chinese studio Bentu Design also stood out by imagining a series of tables, shelves and luminaires, made up of tiles and other recycled ceramic debris. Following the Terrazzo tradition, the studio offers us a deep, simple and somewhat luxurious material that renews the possibilities of black and white.


On the light side, Fools Gold dazzled with its light fixture Lot1 in Milan, and which creates a new category: a luminaire which does not hang, which does not sit on the ground or on a table, but is slightly and delicately leaning against a wall...

At the event ICFF in New York last month, the designer Jonas Wagell has presented a Wander Light, inspired by Oriental paper lamps, and conceived as the least possible version of a lantern, highlighting a black and white contrast that thrills us.

And finally, catching up with the technological breakthrough in stride, we also discovered the portable lamp Empatia of Artemide, a LED source that is charged via USB cable. Here we are finally in a dimension of the future, where the cables would have finally - partially - disappeared.


In architecture too, the inspiration is surely black and white. Refined, simple and smart, the Mono Hotel has recently emerged in in Singapore. Stunning result of the monochromatic inspiration of the local studio Spacedge, this place has kept its charm and colonial style while becoming the Temple of contemporary style. A surprising place to stay...

This reminds us of the innovative Portuguese studio project Amatam, which has created Krush it, finally a gym all dressed in black. An intriguing interior, both intimate and close to the night-club spirit set up obviously to attract the visitor. A game of interesting textures juggling between the cold, the hot, the dull and the shiny.

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Cover: Studio Nendo, Invisible Outlines

Chloé Valette