TREND: Yellow and Gold



Yellow and Gold, contrary to what one might believe, are not diametrically opposed. Admittedly, one is a color, the other a material. But the fine line that separates them is worth studying, because Yellow is Gold and Gold is Yellow, right? Decoding of an interior trend that tends to rub off on objects...


Nothing is comparable to the way yellow returns light. Unlike the other colors, it seems to be the light source itself, as the procured effect is so intense. The gold, of course, is able to increase this sensation with real reflective properties. Gold encompasses light, rounded it and makes it softer so that it appears to us to be of a superior quality.

This is the effect of venturing into the showroom den of NORMANN COPENHAGEN (photos 2 and 3), changed from an intense pink to a powerful yellow and gold set renamed for the occasion: Yellow Is The New Pink


In fact, it is in a space where aluminum resonates with Yellow and Gold, that the Danish publisher has disseminated here and there its famous pieces and latest collection. In perfect harmony with the branding: adventurous, comfortable, avant-garde but also timeless, these tones rather connoted 70's are embellished and attractive to the eye.

In the same way, the Canadian architect JEAN VERVILLE (Photos 1, 6 and 7), gives life to a raw space thanks to simple but gilded architectural volumes. It is between sophistication and abstraction that this place comes to life, despite a very minimal action from the architect. The first and domestic function of an apartment disappears, the giant gold bars being arranged so that in this ordinary space, art and architecture take over.


But what undoubtedly produces the maximum impact of a yellow and gold interior is the fact that they are confused, that these shades blur the tracks in order to become only one, and associating them in a monochrome scene reveals them for sure. Mix the color and the material, the usual and the luxurious, is certainly not without risk, and only the most daring architects will know how to master this duality. But as Sabine Larsen said, Design & Concept Developer at Normann Copenhagen


"We are seeing a trend in interior that is moving towards darker colors and warmer shades." - Sabine Larsen


In addition, you can't have missed the increasing power of these tones at the objects scale during the last events, as during the London Design Week where the work of SAMUEL REIS (vase above) and ENEIDA TAVARES (vase below) among others have emerged as the undeniable succession of the Yellow and Gold trend dressed in glass... 



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Sources: Normann Copenhagen, Yatzer (Jean Verville Apartment)


Chloé Valette