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TREND: Dark Interiors

TREND: Dark Interiors



The trend is to the dark, the misty, the voluntary research of the obscure one. It is a response or a defense against the world, but this new way of thinking the interiors is not a bad omen for as much. Discover the trend in 50 Shades Darker. 





If lately we have felt like letting dark shades into our homesour offices or public places, it is certainly not by chance. Indeed, the years of appeasement and tranquility has given way to deep uncertainty for days, months, years to come. Of course, the current turning point in politics on all continents is to a great extent, to which is added the deterioration of climatic conditions, the underdeveloped countries that are not being helped, and many other examples could easily enlarge the list. 


« During recent years of stability and safety, we have had bright white spaces that are open for exposure, but in darker times when the political and economic climate get more uncertain, you want to nest a little bit. »

          Lotta Agaton, Interior Stylist


dark interiors trend, tham and vinegard alma creative space


From a pessimistic point of views, it can be assumed that the « dark interiors » are ultimately a continuation of all this, of a mimicry of the situation that ends up extending materially and visibly into the places that cradle our daily lives. As if, like a pot of black paint spilled, the darkness was gradually gaining groundIt converts little by little everything it touches, spreading like a virus that cannot be fought.  

From an optimistic point of viewIn this respect, we can see this tendency more as a response to this, as if we humans, perhaps unconsciously but surely, were beginning to lay down our first lines of defence in the place we know best: its home. What could be better than the construction of a comfortable shelter to fight against darkness and pessimism itself? There is nothing more concrete and effective than protecting your home and your loved ones by adorning it with shades that promote comfort and a warm atmosphere with family and friends, where the feeling of security and community is at its peak.


dark interiors trend, tham and vinegard alma creative space

trendy dark interiors oliver gustav showroom
trend dark interiors the design bar note design studio stockholm design week






From a less societal and more artistic point of view, the Dark Interiors have literally something that reminds us of the chiaroscurotechnique, which consist of modulating light on a background of shadow, creating contrasts that suggest relief and depth, and of which Caravaggio was the master. In this way, the relief and perspective of a scene is amplified and magnified. 

Thus, by staging in this way its latest collection, &TRADITION has given it a new dimension, as a new look of the brand on its own products. Recent projects have seen the emergence of The Design Bar at the Stockholm Design Week, designed by NOTE Design Studio and who, with shades of pink and red, addresses the question of an interior designed to feel good - you may understand security - a warm, inspiring and generous space.

In addition, you could not miss La Maison du Danemark (The Denmark House), by Gam Fratesi, which is, so to speak, perfectly in line with the Dark Interiors. Indeed designers declined shades of blue and gray due to the products of GUBI very brilliantly.


trend dark interiors &tradition campaign catch chair
trend dark interiors &tradition campaign catch chair


dark interiors trend House of Denmark gam fratesi


The photographer Tommaso Sartori is working this way, and has also recently created a series called Surrealist Interiors for Wallpaper*, a Dalistaging style, of objects and trendy furnishings, with the mastery of shade and light that makes these photographs real paintings. Finally, the graphic effect produced is based on the theatrical universe, and whose scenery could well be the one of a history of struggle between those who let in the dark and undergo it and those who fight it, choosing the shadow to the light to better surprise it.


trend dark interiors tommaso sartori surrealist interiors

Tommaso Sartori, Surrealist Interiors



Will you join the Dark Side?


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