STOCKHOLM: The hotel style at the office, by Koncept Stockholm


It is a typical building of the 60s and with a high potential that Koncept Stockholm has developed Summit Gt30, a coworking space for creative people in the club spirit of the 70s. In this place open to creators and entrepreneurs, startups and inventors, the architects have infused the high-end hotel style, but in an office version. Decryption.

For several years I've been attentive to the work of the agency Koncept Stockholm. I particularly appreciate their mastery and their vision of colors, they are able to create a high-end ambiance from any shade, for any type of project. Mixing opposites does not frighten them, on the contrary, like many Scandinavian agencies, Koncept Stockholm is not afraid of the cold.

The architects are once again illustrated in this way for this project of coworking space, a place where the different protagonists there sometimes do not have much to see with each other. And yet the different spaces thought with a level of comfort similar to a quality hotel looks familiar. It is easy to take ownership of the premises, despite the presence of luxurious materials such as Marble and Granite.

With Delicacy, Koncept Stockholm has created a style in which one loses oneself, because he has no age. Indeed, one could very well be in the setting of a scene of Mad Men as in a futuristic place. The typology of the place is also confusing, at first glance for professional use, there is, however, a much more relaxed atmosphere, more comfortable and more accessible.

But the advantage is that all these contrasting elements fit in with a sort of hyper-current logical, where the corporate spirit cannot be better represented. In fact, with a gym, a bakery, a restaurant, ping-pong tables and a bicycle garage, Summit Gt30 offers spaces where everyone can recognize themselves as a person, or as a business. 

 I warmly invite you to take a look at the other projects of Koncept Stockholm!

Photographs © Mattias Hamren

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Chloé Valette