RETAIL: The Californian style of Duffy Stone



Some designers' style sometimes becomes the image of a place. This is the case in Austin, TX (USA) where Interior Designer Duffy Stone continues to leave her imprint in a well-done Californian and colorful spirit. Come and visit two of her iconic stores, Olive and Beehive.



- Olive - 


Duffy Stone has worked on the development of several shops since the creation of her studio in 2013, of which Olive, a feminine and colorful concept store that does not leave indifferent. Indeed, this Texan place with shimmering colors differs by the confidence that seems to float around the architect, and displaying a solid style giving her work a kind of major brand stores air.

In every Duffy Stone 's shop, a wind blows from California - where she studied - bringing the warmth and the sweetness of life from the South, but also from New York, where you can easily imagine the shop having its place in Soho among famous brands, literally embodying an avant-garde and daring movement that is unique to New York's trends.


The fact that the approach of the designer clashes, is without any doubts linked to the perfect balance between lines and curves in the shop, as well as the presence of elegant and neat details. Moreover, it may be observed a mastery of colored associations, which inject in this reasonable space in terms of surface, a very unique and somewhat intrepid look.



- Beehive - 


In the same spirit, we find out the shop Beehive with our utmost attention. Again, the atmosphere created by Duffy Stone takes us to a special and sunny place, which plunges us into a holiday atmosphere whatever the time of year. The whole space is designed so that you never go away, especially the fitting area whose comfort level close to a boudoir - although it has Palm Spring airs - is completely conducive to well-being.

The designer managed to create a unique atmosphere thanks to elements relating to several cultures: a tropical wallpaper, a Chinese umbrella and modern furniture, whose velvet armchairs brings a touch of sophistication to the Italian. Yes, it is certainly the taste of Duffy Stone for mixes and varied influences which gives to Olive and Beehive the opportunity to shine in the world of retail.



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Chloé Valette