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The Paris Design Week is always the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves into the world of Design, discovering new talents, but also to let some famous names take charge of the place, giving them carte blanche as every year at La Monnaie de Paris: AD Interiors 2017. Established by AD Magazine as an indispensable reference in terms of Interior Design, this year we have been able to appreciate the work of 10 Architects/Designers/Decorators around the material of their choice. Guided tour among the great Designers.




Pop Metal Lingerie


It is in a small space that we discover with interest the work of the designer Rodolphe Parente. The Pop Metal Lingerie asks the visitor about the sense of time and repetition of gestures that we would almost forget. The lingerie, a forgotten space of any ornament becomes a new, almost luxurious space, and is as unveiled to our eyes for the first time. This room finally ennobled called "selfish room", however, creates the immediate effect of wanting to reveal these hidden places as much as our neglected daily rituals. In addition, the designer chose metal - material that makes little or no part of the Interior language - to surprisingly sublimate a comfortable, smart and innovative place from floo to ceiling. As usual, Rodolphe Parente sets out in search of perfection and reinvents without fear the aesthetic as the functional.


Photographs by Claire Israel.




The eclectic-chic wardrobe


AD Interiors 2017 also showed the work of the decorator Gert Voorjans, whose baroque universe gave birth for the occasion to a wardrobe putting in the spotlight the leather of Cordoba. In this almost theatrical setting mixing oriental and Belle Epoque influences, Gert Voorjans has revived a taste for printed and golden brown leather as upholstery for furniture but also as wallpaper. The space is punctuated by explosive colors and richness in the details that easily recall someDries Van Noten stores whose decorator is the author... The whimsical universe inspired by wealth Antwerp ornaments interact in Italian inspirations in order to take us definitively elsewhere, and to open even more our senses to the ambient originality.




The Marble Room


The space proposed by Mathieu Lehanneur is located at the crossroads of eras. At first glance the use of marble in many forms refers to current trends as well as to the past. But in all cases its modern and sculptural treatment as well as the destabilizing presence of a droid near the window literally projects us into a futuristic era. Constantly looking for the wellbeing of the users, Mathieu Lehanneur creates a kind of intelligent decor just as Spielberg does but in the 2017 way, where the technical questioning of the future does not erase the living. As a good master of materials, the designer always finds the right balance in order to arouse in us a feeling of renewed intimacy, of travel but also and above all, of poetry...


Photographs by Felipe Ribon.




The Pavilion - Dining room


Denis Montel - at the head of the agency RDAI since 2009 - puts forward for this edition of AD Interiors 2017 a wooden and bulrush mats structure, creating a new time space in the premises of the La Monnaie de Paris. This strong architectural element is articulated around the architect's favourite theme: the circle, declined in all the present elements, multiplied in the mirrors, and showcased as the main building element and the guiding principle of the structure. A real nod to the Gothic arches, the pavilion, however, has the lightness and materials of the Japanese tea houses, tribute to the key principle of the meshing store Hermes Rive Gauche in  Paris, the agency continuing its collaboration with this great high fashion house. A concentric, geometric and elegant work as always.




The boudoir in panoramic


What qualifies and distinguishes the work of the designers duo Oitoemponto, is without any doubts their ability to create unique universes thanks to their great knowledge of art and design as well as their full control of the mix-and-match style. So, in this sophisticated boudoir, there is a table signed Ettore Sottsass, 18th century upholstered armchairs, the reissue of the Platner Easy Chair by Knoll, a sofa with tribal patterns and more. For the occasion, a wallpaper with Art Deco accents has been created, which encompasses the space of its soft and warm reflections, highlighting both the exceptional pieces and the vintage-connected style of the two companions Arthur Miranda and Jacques Bec.




The surreal room


In this traditional Haussmann-style building, one feels literally caught up in the project of Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman from the time we first see this improbable scenery that throws. Stuck in this box entirely red from the floor to the ceiling, and where references mingle with the universe of the Carnal, the dream and the unconscious - Did you notice this Rorschach test carpet? - it is then we feel a mixed feeling between fascination for this rich and crowded atmosphere whose Italians have the secret and the fear of remaining locked in... The materials and the theme that are addressed invite you to relax or to arouse when certain elements are endowed with several "eyes" that monitor you while plunging you into a surreal and almost comical atmosphere.


Photographs by Claire Israel (1) and Interware (2 and 3).




The rockery cabinet


Paris Design Week, AD Interiors 2017, Thomas Boog, the rockery cabinet

Thomas Boog made seashells and mother-of-pearl materials his primary fields. So what's better than putting them forward at the AD Interiors 2017 event? The creator of exceptional has therefore for the occasion designed a unique space, a toilet cubicle with princely looks, wink at the time of the Kings. The fully decorated structure - by hand! - of of a multitude of small shells which give this alcove a whimsical and fantastic character, also presents modern and sober parts, such as the copper faucet presented this year in Milan as well as a reinterpretation of the pendants Here Comes the Sun by Bertrand Balas of the 70's (DCW editions).




The Embroidered Sewing Salon


The duo Suduca & Mérillou of the Saint Jacques Gallery has created an interior directly inspired by ceramics in partnership with the Portuguese artist Bela Silva. Indeed, this interior is focused on the fireplace, the main piece of this cosy lounge, and of which the ceramic leaves mantel has almost velvet effects... These elements are also display on the top of the walls, whose adornment effect is balancing the giant fabric screen covering the space. At the same time Japanese-style inspired, as Neoclassical, the project of the two decorators combines subtle nuances and controlled blends. In the way of a haute couture dress, this salon is made up of details and materials designed to reveal the strengths of each other, all in finesse.


 Photographs by Nicolas Matheus.




The living room of a coin collector


In this edition AD Interiors  2017, was also invited the American architect Elliott Barnes. On the theme of the coin collector, the cosy salon presents leather variations according to several treatments: Classic coating for the sofa with tattoo, pleated leather thicknesses for the bench and the side tables, and ornamental crafted wallpaper in leather from Cordoba. This alcove imagined by Elliott Barnes is in perfect harmony with his passion: discovering new materials, shifting them, associating them. The soft and natural colors literally return to the United States where the opulent style is privileged and always derived from natural materials such as leather and wood and not without reinventing a certain modernity.




The kitchen-living room


Paris Design Week, AD Interiors 2017, Isabelle Stanislas, the kitchen-living room

Finally, the universe proposed by the architect Michael Scott - of the Paris agency So-An - is a luxurious and futuristic showcase developed by a shell where concrete panels and mirrors are alternated. The kitchen-living room is a space where we live, actually. The kitchen is often the scene of all the discussions when the living-room is the ultimate friendliness place. This mix of features is questioning the visitor on the evolution of lifestyles all in sophistication. Between strong architectural fixtures and sleek lines, and decorative elements bringing the right dose of softness, the architect proves that the concrete has gained its place at AD Interiors 2017.



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Photographic Sources: Lucien Pages Agency


Chloé Valette