RETAIL: Ace & Tate, the optical revolution by OS & OOS



Forget everything you know about optical stores. In Eindhoven, the optcial brand ACE & TATE revolutionizes the world of glasses and sunglasses, offering a trendy collection designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, and at a lower cost. And it's just naturally to the local studio OS and OOS that the brand has entrusted the design of its latest shop in the district of Nieuwe Emmasingel.


Last June, not far from the Design Academy Eindhoven and in a growing area, the Ace & Tate boutique designed by the studio OS and OOS finally opened its doors... The encounter of this brand shattering the sales codes but also the presentation of optical products with the duo creating concepts was probably a no-brainer. Indeed Os and Oos - Sophie Mensen and Oskar Peet - likes to think of the notion of concept in the broad sense, before bringing it back to a certain balance between forms, materials, environment and users.


For the sake of rationalization, the guideline that guides designers is an ode to minimalism. Their Design and Interior Design projects are the very symbol of the purification. Here, the simplicity of the metal structures - a nod to the industrial architectural structures of the city - Sharing space give exhibition scenery airs, with ease. First of all, it would be easy to think that the work comes mostly from lighting, but it is not. The duo has applied to echo the originality of the concept ofAce & Tate, especially thanks to the materials used. Thus, more or less imposing grids of folded metal are composing a space between attractive light and shadow effects, transparency, intimacy or common place.


Finally, the duo has cleverly disseminated a few strong colors That you discover as you visit. In contrast with the raw metal, some central "are lacquered with a powerful and modern orange, which gives the whole space an interesting reading rhythm. A priori insignificant space in the course of the journey - toilets and cash counter - are also painted with a deep and surprising Klein blue. 

This alternation between neutral and pronounced colors and solids and voids disturb the perception that one has of the shop, which from a certain angle, seems entirely transparent. The place is also punctuated by the consultations: indeed, when an eye examination is in progress, the polycarbonate cubes are closed by a curtain and, when not used, their materiality is revealed.



Photographs: Jeroen van der Wielen


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Chloé Valette