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A BRAND: Marset, a new kind of light

MARSET, a new kind of light





MARSET, This is the story of the chrysalis which was a small family business specializing in casting metal, and which has been transformed into a brand whose design has been recognized by several awards in the past two years. It is the story of the desire to consider each product as unique, in order to give them an irreproachable quality and care. Marset is an audacious brand, which starts with the adventure of design so that it is always better, always more creative. Here I present to you their latest collection.


« Marset is about more than lamps: we take care of light, in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character and improve our clients’ quality of life. »


marset luminaires new collection 2016



New Collection 2016


- Theia, design Mathias Hahn - – 


This series of luminaires is inspired by the goddess Greek of the same name, and who reigned at a time on the Sun and on the Moon. It is the transition between day and night, light and shadow that has guided the designer's work to a lamp which is able to  "move from shadow to light with a single gesture" , thanks to its half-spheres. When one of these delivers a very bright and direct light, the other provides a more subdued and softer light, providing ambient lighting.


-> Dimensions: Lampshade diameter 12.6" , height 17.13" for the table version, 45.83" for the floor lamp version. Available in black or white, Black electric cord. Power: LED SMD 7,6W included. 



lighting marset new collection 2016 theia mathias hahn 

lighting marset new collection 2016 theia mathias hahn




- Concentric, design Rob Zinn


Very hypnotic, the second novelty of Marset is the interpretation made of the sunlight reflecting the bright colors of the clothes of the passengers in an airplane, on the glass of the curved windows. The succession of circles makes it alive and vibrant, in day light as in full darkness. In addition to its ability to illuminate, Rob Zinn has endowed this series with the power to play with the perception we have of the object in itself but also of the space that is surrounding it. A beautiful poetic achievement.


-> Dimensions: available in diameters of 39.96", 32.09" and 24", and three shades of different colors, Corona (variations of light orange, gold, yellow and light yellow), Major (Hazel, gold, pink and orange-red) and Minor (ice blue, cocoa, mint and sky blue). Power: LED SMD 7,8W included. 


lighting marset new collection 2016 concentric rob zinn


lighting marset new collection 2016 concentric rob zinn 



- Aura, design Joan Gaspar


With Aura, it's as if Marset and its designer always had an eye on you. Iris-shaped, inspired by the reflection of the eye in glass, this sconce is also pleasant turned on than off, a position it is turned into a delicate and fragile wall object. The marriage of a simple shape and the technology gave rise to a surprising light between color scheme, transparency and opalescence. It is the final touch that makes the difference, the one that looks like an eye and that therefore attracts it, inevitably.


-> Dimensions: diameter 7.05", depth 3.78". Polycarbonate structure and dissipater in lac- quered aluminum. Lampshade in blown glass. Available colors: white, beige, gold, blue, pink, green, purple. Power: LED 8,7W included.


 lighting marset new collection 2016 will be joan gaspar


lighting marset new collection 2016 will be joan gaspar




- Sun, design Yonoh


Imagine that you go to the Sunrise, at the moment when the Sun plays with the horizon, time where his aura completely captivates you. This is what wanted to transcribe Sun by Yonoh design studio, tand the special atmosphere of the dawn that overwhelms us when we observed it to turn slowly into daylight. A nice piece that retains its mystery.


-> Upcoming dimensions and specifications. Power: LED.


lighting marset new 2016 yonoh sun collection


lighting marset new 2016 yonoh sun collection




- N ° 8, design Christophe Mathieu


N°8, « a sensual lamp that seduces the senses of sight and touch ». This small reading lamp has all the properties that make it an ambassador of efficiency : lightness, good lighting and grip. In addition, each wooden head is handmade, which makes a very nice touch and a unique product. Flexible, its arm is covered with fabric, in order to perfect its high-end look without harming its effectiveness. 


-> Dimensions: maximum length of the articulated arm 16.73", base diameter 5.16", head diameter 5.6". Plate made of lacquered black metal with a flexi- ble black arm, covered in braided fabric. Turned wooden diffuser in natural oak or wenge. Integra- ted rocker switch at the base of the fixture. Power: 3W LED included.


lighting marset new 2016 collection No. 8 christophe mathieu 


lighting marset new 2016 collection No. 8 christophe mathieu




- Ginger, design Joan Gaspar


The collection Ginger - which already existed - was born out of the challenge and idea of using wood for lighting... The collection took up the challenge and succeeded quite well. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and suspension lamps are members of the family GingerLike the jellyfish in weightlessness, the suspension version paces the space, while the wall version has borrowed all its elegance from the floral register. Beautiful products for beautiful spaces.


-> Dimensions: see data sheets on Marset's website. Pressed wood diffuser of 0.16 inches in natural oak or wenge. Injected and lacquered black metal matte aluminum dissipater. Lampshade available in oak, oak and white, wenge, wenge and white. Power: LED.


lighting marset new collection 2016 ginger joan gaspar


lighting marset new collection 2016 ginger joan gaspar

Marset is definitely a publisher that is renewing the lighting, its design, but also its function and application. Are you ready to succumb?




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