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MELBOURNE: Flack Studio creates Monk House Design shop

in Melbourne, just behind a historic and well maintained facade, recently hides the latest boutique of the Australian brand Monk House Design, created by Flack Studio. Well-known for its accomplishments of private residences with sleek but sophisticated design, this design studio founded by David Flack has a lot to teach us in terms of trends. Follow the guide.



The Monk House Design shop by Flack Studio





In this brand new fashion showcase in Melbourne, it's impossible not to notice the presence of these imposing Corinthian or Baroque columns. In most cases, the design studio in charge of reviving this space would have opted for a formwork of these elements too old and too imposing. But the designers of Flack Studioon the contrary, bet to make these elements of the past a true bias in the new design of the brand. Monk House Design.

Thus the meeting of the neoclassical and the ultra modern. Indeed, to these complex and arabesque forms are added more simple, almost obvious forms. One would almost forget the columns which nevertheless give this place something unique. To the golden moldings cleverly restored are opposite lacquered cubes to perfection.  


monk house design flack studio melbourne

monk house design store flack studio melbourne






Impossible not to notice either that this late 2016 project, housed within it a palette of colors that will be prized in Spring/Summer 2017. Indeed, the almost klein blue, the sweet pink and the palm green are colors that you will love and have to own - and I'll talk about them soon! This shop is also part of the Californian-pop trend who infuses every space it meets a Hollywood spirit of happiness.

With intelligence, the mirror, the carpets and the windows take up the shape of the ancient arches. And the old pink of which they are painted, takes on contemporary air in its more flashy dress applied to the contemporary furniture of which the shop is adorned. A high ceiling, moldings and a lodge spirit, here is a perfect theater decor of which Flack Studio to keep track thanks to this thick curtain of velvet as a centerpiece and ready to unveil in a new light, whoever wraps himself there.


monk house design store flack studio melbourne 


We greet Flack Studio for this great achievement that makes us dream!


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