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IMM Cologne 2017: The best of products and trends to remember

The interior and furniture fair of Cologne 2017 has taken place in January 16-22, and with it, implementing new scene, reeditions, and emerging trends. It is obviously difficult to have an eye on everything that matters, because this kind of event is very packed and full of real design gem to all booths. However, I present you here what seems essential to me to remember in terms of products and trends.


IMM Cologne 2017: The best of products and trends to remember





imm cologne 2017 furniture stand small fry morten & jonas


Surrealist. This is the new collection Hoff presented by PETITE FRITURE. Created by the designer duo MORTEN & JONAS, who allows us from modular elements, to create a comfortable and contemporary living room space.

-> The collection consists of two ottomans and two armchairs, L: 68; H:40 cm, 6 fabrics from Kvadrat are available, from $850.



imm cologne 2017 furniture stand small fry morten & jonas


Smart. The All Plastic Chair . JASPER MORRISON that was highlighted VITRA in Cologne, is as its name suggests, entirely composed of polypropylene. What we love about this product, is that it doesn't look like plastic. It's matte and soft finish even looks like wood, and that's what the designer wanted. 

Made of tinted polypropylene, available in 7 different colours.



imm cologne 2017 furniture stand small fry morten & jonas


Metallic. The famous Swedish brand of wall storage system STRING - of which architects are real fans - has introduced a new version of its major product in this 2017 edition. Directly related to the world of the kitchen which was in the spotlight this year, String has designed a full metal range allowing to store accessories and utensils in perfect harmony with the stainless steel style. Design by Björn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen.

Sizes vary according to the elements, three colours available.



imm cologne 2017 furniture stand classicon neri & hu


Inspired. Designers Neri&Hu have designed the lamp Lantern Light for CLASSICON inspired by the work of the Italian designer Vico Magistretti (Lyndon lamp). Between codes recognizable of the Lantern (metal, handle, light source close to the flame) and ultramodern, this novelty is without a doubt what was missing to the collection of the German brand.

Available in heights of 135 and 170 cm, solid brass structure, available in natural or burnished colour, light varnished. Shade in hand-blown crystal glass. Diffuser in satin-finish opaline glass. Black felt glides. Integrated dimmer. LED bulb included.



 imm cologne 2017 furniture stand classicon neri & hu


Screwed. The new gem of HEM designed by Karoline Fesser is none other than the All Wood Stool. Consisting of two models, this range " so 2017″ due to its ability to adapt to the needs and to reinvent the interior, is also very elegant.

-> Exists in two different forms, adjustable height between 35.5 and 49 cm, diameter 30 cm, available in ash or walnut. From $200.




imm cologne 2017 furniture stand thonet ulli budde


Endless. THONET came to present his multifunctions table S 18 in Cologne. Designed by Uli Budde, he was inspired by the endless loop and has no angle. Graphic, dynamic, this new product is definitively registering the brand in a certain modernity.

Available in ash or black lacquered top, dimensions: height 37 cm, diameter 41 cm.



 imm cologne 2017 furniture stand cor roc


Cosy. The Roc of the German brand COR deserved to finally have his lounge chair. Here it is, finally revealed to the public. Comfortable proportions adjusted to a base taking as little space as possible on the floor, " The design resembles a protective shell that envelopes the body; no more and no less." comments the designer Uwe Fischer.

-> Specification on hold...



 imm cologne 2017 furniture stand brokis puro


Multiple. One of the most beautiful pieces seen at Cologne 2017: Puro . BROKISa very innovative lighting system with futuristic lines. Composed of one or two lights, just add as many as you want, this fixture will fit as well in an office than a hotel lobby space. Furniture Design Lucie Koldová.

-> Made of hand-blown transparent glass and opaque matt glass. The glass components are metallic accents. PURO is available in two colors: opal and dark gray. Dimensions 100 cm, LED source.



imm cologne 2017 furniture stand c-c carpet zo

Tribal. C-C TAPIS has presented several novelties at the show, including the carpet ZO and CHIPO by Zawer and AFTER PARTY . Garth Roberts. Here is ZO, inspired by the forms of traditional African masks with worthy and trendy colors of the 2017 Spring/Summer season is a real crush.

-> Rectangular carpet, specifications pending...




imm cologne 2017 furniture stand treku lauki


Practical. As an architect, we're often looking for a cabinet or dresser to compose yourself and with a variety of colours. Well, it's finally done thanks to the Spanish brand TREKU and their newest collection of wall dressers Lauki. Also take a look at the range Auratoo, it's everything you dreamed! Design Angel Martí & Enrique Delamo.

-> Variable dimensions according to the elements, finishes available: 5 wood finishes and 16 colors.






imm cologne 2017 furniture stand artek


Graphic. This is the collection L-Leg presented by ARTEK to celebrate 100 years of existence of the Finnish brand. The collection, originally created by Alvar Aalto 80 years ago, finds youth and success again thanks to 4 new colors of linoleum in a very faithful spirit close to the designer's.

Tables and stools available in the new colours ash, rock, olive and smoked blue.




imm cologne 2017 furniture stand &tradition


Lounge. In this 2017 edition, AND TRADITION used the talents of Jaime Hayón to add to the Catch range - released in 2012 - its lounge chair. Comfort and Scandinavian lines reinforce the supremacy of the brand in the field of elegant and efficient design.

-> Dimensions H: 86 cm / 33.9in, l: 82 cm / 32.3in, P: 92 cm / 36.2in., base in black painted steel (RAL 8022 brilliant 20), 4 Kvadrat colors available (Divina, Hallingdal, Jacquared, Steelcut).


imm cologne 2017 furniture stand midgard


Illuminated. After several decades of absence and a year and a half of preparation, the new version of the Machinelamp . MIDGARD created in 1920 by Curt Fischer was finally able to be presented at the design fair in Cologne. An industrial spirit revisited with always as much efficiency, still a perfect lamp for architects!

-> Available in early January 2017, specifications pending...






Discreetly but surely, the nuance PANTONE of the year 2017 Greenery has found its place among furniture design and accessories. In this form, the green spirit has oriented the trend on certain projects and booths. We could appreciate for example the project presented by Design house Stockholm and the famous Greenhouse Terrarium imagined by the rising designers duo Atelier 2+. Is that just a choice of color or a real intention to transform habitat into an inside-outside spirit - take a look at the apartment project by Airbnb in collaboration with PANTONE for reference OVER HERE the plants were in the four corners of the exhibition space, making it strangely more livable...


imm cologne 2017 furniture stand design house stockholm

Greenhouse terrarium, Atelier 2+

imm cologne 2017 stand vitra

Vitra Booth

imm cologne 2017 stand atelier hassmann







Cologne hosted Todd Bracher who imagined the scenography Das Haus 2017. The designer explores the habitat and the very standard way it is constituted (3 rooms + kitchen + bathroom) simplifying everything in only 3 zones: one for eating, one for rest, and one for the hygiene that would eventually be an outside area. These spaces are designed to accommodate several everyday needs within them by allowing today's life to reduce its complexity to the maximum. What to ask us about how we live, what is essential, what we really need - or not.


imm cologne 2017 das haus todd bracher

Area 1 - To eat

imm cologne 2017 das haus todd bracher

Zone 2 - Hygiene

imm cologne 2017 das haus todd bracher

Zone 3 - To rest



Hope this article will give you some product ideas for your wonderful projects in 2017!

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