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With Fictions, the Canadian Creators Collective takes on the design market

With Fictions, the Canadian Creators Collective takes on the design market

Founded in 2018, the Canadian Creators Collective - the CCC - was born from the desire of a group of creators to promote the emergence and influence of Canadian design. This organization provides support and allows artists and designers to showcase their work on a national and international scale. The CCC acts as a connection between the market, potential needs, and its pool of talent that is just waiting to be exposed. In this sense, discover Fictions, a virtual exhibition to view online from April 22 to 30, 2021 only, and features the immersive work of eight Montreal designers.


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Montreal design for the Canadian Creators Collective

Montreal design for the Canadian Creators Collective



Atelier Zébulon Perron


Atelier Zébulon Perron, Montreal design
Atelier Zébulon Perron, Montreal design

Architectural designer Zébulon Perron presents the Spineless Chair on the occasion of this first virtual exhibition of the Canadian Creators Collective. Cut in the middle, the chair is stripped of its spine. The designer has chosen to highlight the paradox between strength and fragility by creating a chair divided into two hemispheres and held together only by a few essential points of connection between these two parts. A bold construction.



Claste Collection


Claste Collection, Montreal design
Claste Collection, Montreal design

Claste Collection is a design studio whose minimalist aesthetic is devoid of all ornamentation and distraction. Noble materials and simple forms are once again used in the creation of Lest we be kings, a duo of magisterial armchairs in smoked glass. In other words, the desire to present a visual connection with the surrounding world is reduced here, but not eliminated.



David Umemoto


David Umemoto, Montreal design
David Umemoto, Montreal design

The work of David Umemoto consists of concrete sculptures/objects reminiscent of miniature brutalist architectures. Playing on both the vocabulary of the decorative object and architecture, the designer creates works with different faces but all belonging to the same aesthetic, pragmatic and poetic.



Lambert & Fils


Lambert&Fils, Montreal design

Also a member of the Canadian Creators Collective, and known for his lighting fixtures, Lambert & Fils explores this time the light source in the form of a large-scale sculptural installation, Screen, a piece of work that invites the viewer to shape the work according to one's point of view, according to where one perceives it.



Loïc Bard


Loïc Bard, Montreal design

Loïc Bard works in wood and is based in Montreal. For the CCC virtual exhibition, he presents the pieces Cabinet Bone 1 & 2, these are carved cabinets with very small containers, made of white maple and limestone. Organic, simple forms, magnified by a constraint of dimensions.



Pascale Girardin


Pascale Girardin, Montreal design

Pascale Girardin is once again exploring the world of ceramics for the Canadian Creators Collective. She works with clay as a living material, seeking to express its potential rather than a result. Her work entitled Totem, is enthroned among the works of the Canadian Creators Collective, it is architectural and massive while maintaining the will to present artistic objects.





SSSVLL, Montreal design

Since 2008, Guillaume Sasseville of the SSSVLL is engaged in the search for the point of resonance where materials, objects, spaces, and uses meet. From a matrix of recycled materials obtained by a rotational molding process, a collection of everyday objects is revealed by selective cutting. Entitled Industrial Fragment, chairs, tables, benches have as a common denominator the formal traces of the initial matrix.



Yannick Pouliot


Yannick Pouliot, Montreal design

Finally, the artist Yannick Pouliot, and thanks to his eclectic background (plastic arts, cabinet making, horticulture), presents a singular work, between design and artistic performance. Indeed, his work Nouvelles Singularités presents a row of Louis XVI style seats, with a typical and recognizable wooden structure and upholstery fabric, whose backs would have been - as it is commonly said in 3D vocabulary, extruded - to form a single, massive shape, preventing any use of the seats as such... Intriguing.


See the virtual exhibition of the Canadian Creators Collective, visible online from 22 to 30 April 2021

All pieces are for sale on: Adorno





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