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KRISTINA DAM, an interview between Art and Design

Long before Husk started, I already had the idea to write an article about Kristina Dam and her work. Kristina Dam Studio is coming from Copenhagen, the birthplace of the minimal design. I was amazed when I saw her taking part in Maison&Objet, early last month... and luckily she was there. Smiling, as delicate as her objects, meeting with a rising star of Danish design.




 Kristina dam designer interview



Chloe from Husk : Can you tell me more about your background, where did you studied and in a few words, what brought you to design?

Kristina Dam : I have always been creative and I loved painting and make sculptures since my childhood – in high school, I already knew that I wanted to do something creative. I studied at the  Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and I graduated in 2007, as a graphic designer *.

* Kristina is also an architect


C.H : I really like your work, and more particularly the contrast between the heavy and powerful materials you use and the fineness of your design. What are your inspirations?

K.D : I’m mostly inspired by art – I love to roam museums all over the world - and even browse the internet - looking for sculptures, installations, and art pieces – sometimes it is just a detail in a painting or a shape of a sculpture that gives me inspiration for my next furniture. I also love to study materials and the best thing I know for that is to visit my production and touch the materials, combining them in a different way.


C.H : Typically, how do you work ? Do you have a work ritual ?

K.D : My work is very intuitive, in general, I get an idea very quickly of which include my next collection, as much in terms of objects and furniture. And I attach great importance to express my ideas and different inspirations in a way improvised, to see the outcome. Ideas are not lacking, and truth be told, the hard part is to make a choice between them in order to compose a collection that is consistent.

interview kristina furniture dam
 "Sometimes only a detail catches my attention in a painting, or just a form of a sculpture (...)"
interview kristina furniture dam

It is interesting to learn here that Kristina graduated as a graphic designer, because indeed, her work is quite close to graphic illustration. Her pieces are very graphic, playing with full and empty, strength and lightness. We perfectly imagine her creations to the drawing status evolving gradually towards the material, taking consistency...

interview kristina dam sculptures


Chloe from Husk : How do you choose your materials ?

Kristina Dam : I love the eternal and raw materials. At the studio, we chose generally of raw oak, marble, steel, brass. Our choices are always moving toward pure, never reworked materials.


C.H : Among all your collection, do you have a favorite piece? ( and if yes, which one and why? ;) )

K.D : The sculptures are definitely my favorite. People know us for the sculptures and they really tell the story that I’m working between art and design. Especially the Marble Circles, they are so simple and have such a nice symbolic meaning.


C.H : I noticed that you had a series of posters only available in a limited edition, each copy is individually signed by you. It's as if each drawing was a unique work of art. The approach is beautiful and goes against the design of mass. How do you qualify this approach?

K.D : It's one of my goals: introduce and make art accessible to people who normally don't buy art works. I like knowing that these editions are limited, and that only a few people possess a copy, their copy. I will always take care to keep this approach and this type of production, much closer to the people, in all my future collections.

 interview kristina dam sculptures







I always liked the idea of accessible design, regarding the price or the shape. Kristina Dam Studio approach is probably the future of design but also art, where the notion of elite no longer exists and where anyone can own a piece of something unique. This would make a design for the mass, but without mass production.

 interview kristina dam posters

Chloe from Husk : What do you think of the design community today, would you change anything?

Kristina Dam : Oh, there is so many talented young people who graduate each year and I would love that people pay them more attention and having more job opportunities. I think it is difficult to be a company like us because there are so many big companies that “own” the design scene especially in Denmark where consumers are used to buy their products, so you really have to fight to be a part of the the design scene currently.


C.H : What are your future projects ?

K.D : I have more and more projects of apartments and hotels throughout the world, for whom I work closely with my team of Interior designers, also I would like to have more projects like these! Then, I will discuss my collection to add more furniture and designs made of new materials. And of course, there will be new sculptures!

interview kristina dam
Thank you very much, Kristina !

Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions in order to discover your world a little more. We you want countless wonderful projects around the world, continue to make us dream! And to finish this interview in beauty, here are with products of the:


KRISTINA DAM, an interview between Art and Design

Husk Mention



kristina dam husk selection interview

1. double Moon Sculpture / Marble, mirror and former mirror -. from 2675 DKK / 359€ / $403

2 Graphic Shelves / Painted steel. from 3300 DKK / 443€ / $497

3 Outline Mirror / Painted steel and mirror (available in white). from 4800 DKK / 645€ / $723

4 Endless A3 / Ink on paper, black metal frame. from 750 DKK / 100€ / $113

5 - Table / Black Hetree oiled -. from 2100 DKK / 282€ / $316

6 Marble Circles / Marble -. from 3150 DKK / 423€ / $475


Find out the online store of Kristina Dam and her studio's news here !




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