DESIGN: Andréason & Leibel, the perfect balance of shapes



Recently exhibited at the event London Design Fair (Swedish Pavilion), Andréason and Leibel Are among those designers who have punctured the screen thanks to their creations between minimalism and experimentation. Decryption of a duo from Sweden having largely won its place on the international stage.


Andréason & Leibel, Candlestick Circuit
Andréason & Leibel, Hubbabubba lamps
Andréason & Leibel, Black Hollow occational table

Lately, the work of Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel is of those who impressed me most. and the coffee table Black Hollow occational Table It is certainly for many. It is at the border between Art and Design That it is necessary to apprehend this object, whose work of the balance of forms and materials makes it a perfect representative of the large family minimalist.

A a sure and solid column is opposite a plateau with irregular contours, but far from being irreverent, and the immaculate whiteness is associated with a speckled and elegant material that has all of the stone. Feigning an ultra-solid mass, it is however a composite plaster that is made entirely of this extraordinary piece, which does not take away its quality of sculpture. The object is unique and neat, Andréason & Leibel leave an imprint, and now transform the plaster into a qualitative material.


Andréason & Leibel, Black Hollow occational table
Andréason & Leibel, Column Series
Andréason & Leibel, Black Hollow occational table

Generally speaking, the work ofAndréason & Leibel is marked with great finesse. Their work is constantly evolving, the duo continually experimenting with form as matter. But the gracilité of their objects do not leave us fooled: they are indeed worthy representatives of the Swedish design style, confirmed by the overhead line of the suspension Circuit Chandelier, and not without humour, with the series of lamps Hubbabubba, which seem to consist of a multitude of chewing gum accumulated.

Operating not far from Malmö, the duo of designers describes this place as beneficial to their creation, for our greatest happiness.


"A Place for never ending experiments on form, function and the perception thereof."

Andréason & Leibel



Black Hollow occational Table | Dimensions: L 960 mm x D 310 mm x H 420 mm | Composite plaster. Price on request.

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