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Collectible 2020: The unmistakable guide

Collectible 2020: The unmistakable guide

Collectible 2020 will open its doors from March 5 to 8 (from March 4 for the press and professionals) and is, as every year, a much-anticipated event celebrating contemporary design in Europe. For several days, dozens of independent designers and galleries from all over the world represent the best of collectible design in the heart of the international city of Brussels. For more details on the exhibition, we invite you to read our introduction of last year's fair. Discover our selection of the must-see pieces at this year's Collectible 2020.





Alissa Volchkova


Collectible 2020, Alissa Volchkova, black marble candle holder
Collectible 2020, Alissa Volchkova, green glass vase

Alissa Volchkova is a French-Russian designer who, after several years in the field of architecture, decided to work on the scale of objects. She presents glass vases/glass cups and marble candle holders from her collection Stone Age, in homage to human identity and modernity, developed through the invention of tools.



Anton Alvarez


Collectible 2020, Anton Alvarez, ceramic mural sculpture

The Chilean-Swiss designer Anton Alvarez is known for his experimental creations and ceramics recognizable by the way he uses movement and gravity. Indeed, his designs, with their surprising and attractive colors, are unbalanced and irregular, and that is what makes their charm. We look forward to discovering the collection on view...



Arthur Hoffner


Collectible 2020, Arthur Hoffner, design fountain

Arthur Hoffner offers installations with experimental design, using water as the main element in his work. Indeed, the designer creates, reinterprets and innovates in the field of fountains, giving free rein to his creativity to combine unusual materials of all kinds with an overall sculptural and impressive design.



Atelier Sauvage


Collectible 2020, Atelier Sauvage, French design studio

Advocating a handcrafted approach to design, Atelier Sauvage is a young French design studio led by Albane Salmon. We have already had the opportunity to follow and appreciate her work, and are delighted to know that the studio will be part of this edition of Collectible 2020.



Charlotte Kidger


Collectible 2020, Charlotte Kidger, polyurethane foam dust
Collectible 2020, Charlotte Kidger, polyurethane foam dust

We discovered the work of Charlotte Kidger two years ago at the London Design Fair. Her unique work will once again focus on how industrial waste can be reprocessed and transformed into sculptural and functional objects. On the occasion of Collectible, the designer will present a series of objects made of recycled polyurethane foam powder and hand-dyed resin.





Collectible 2020, Curated section, Christian+Jade, Gathering heat
Collectible 2020, Curated section, Christian+Jade, Gathering heat

It is with great originality that the duo Christian+Jade decided to reinterpret the concept of the fireplace in this edition of Collectible. Gathering Heat is indeed a heating mechanism running on bio-ethanol and awakens, in the eyes of the visitor, primary instincts of conviviality but also the need to maintain and keep a fire "alive". Between a primordial tool for survival in the past and a generator of well-being today, this is a singular project to discover...





Collectible 2020, Emelianova studio

Ksenia Emelianova is a young Russian designer based in Italy, presenting her very first collection, Distortion, at the edition of Collectible 2020. It is by combining her extreme sensitivity to the world of art but also to design that her audacious pieces were born, between a raw rock and the aesthetics of the '70s. A minimal, timeless design.



Llewellyn Chupin


Collectible 2020, Llewellyn Chupin

The newly French designer Llewellyn Chupin made a high-profile debut in the design world at Collectible, presenting the Terra, an ode to archetypal forms. Made by the best French craftsmen in the field, the collection is made from local materials and creates an aura of delicacy around it. A promising name and pieces we haven't heard the last of it...



Mircea Anghel


Collectible 2020, Mircea Anghel designer

Mircea Anghel, Romanian designer who is already well known for his very massive tables will present his work in association with two other studios: DIM Atelier and Maria Ana Vasco Costa, in the Bespoke category at Collectible 2020.





Collectible 2020, müsing-sellés, American designers

The American design studio müsing-sellés, whose work we know very well, will be present among the Curated section. Detaching themselves from the functional utility of the objects they design, Marisa Müsing and Álvaro Gómez-Sellés are focused on creating new forms for new uses. As one of New York's hottest studios, their work has been seen at events like NYCxDesign and Sight Unseen OFFSITE. 





Collectible 2020, sashaxsasha, Alexandra Gineva, Alexander Dobrovskiy

The architecture and design agency Masterskaya Be, comprised of Alexandra Gineva and Alexander Dobrovskiy, will present the highly sculptural Bench 01B, made from MDF and rubber-effect paint. A new name to discover thanks to Collectible...



Savvas Laz


Collectible 2020, Savvas Laz, Greek designer

Savvas Laz is a Greek designer whose fame, thanks to Instagram, is growing. The principle? Recovering polystyrene scraps that the designer assembles and paints to give them a contemporary aesthetic. He has thus created the principle of Trashformers, or furniture and mutant objects, participating in the reduction of waste from the packaging industry. The challenge for Savvas Laz is to transform this waste material into an everyday object.



Ward Wijnant


Collectible 2020, Ward Wijnant

Ward Wijnant will present its latest collection, Blend, a light and furniture series paying homage to the different graphic effects and textures that can be achieved with a single material: wood. By using several sawing techniques, the wood grain appears alternately in the form of wide stripes or flames. Good work.








Collectible 2020, DiSé gallery, German Ermičs
Collectible 2020, DiSé gallery, Guillermo Santoma

Collectible 2020, DiSé gallery, Michael Schoner

On the occasion of the Collectible 2020 exhibition, DiSé - an Italian company that produces custom-made furniture by international designers - joins forces with the curators Moncada Rangel in order to present a preview of the The Domestic Monuments Collection. It is a collection of domestic furniture that celebrates the basic acts of daily life through the work of eight international designers, including German Ermics, Guillermo Santomà and Michael Schoner.



Everyday Gallery


Collectible 2020, Everyday Gallery, Decio Studio

Collectible 2020, Everyday Gallery, Alfa Brussels
Collectible 2020, Everyday Gallery, Elissa Lacoste

The Dutch gallery Everyday Gallery will present a number of contemporary designers, already well known in the world of collectible design, including Decio StudioAlfa Brussels/Anna Aagaard and Elissa Lacoste.


Join Everyday Gallery founder Boris Devis, Amanda Pinathy (Stedelijk Museum), Brut Collective and Chloé Valette (founder of Husk) for a design-talk on Saturday 8 March, at the Vanderborght Building.



fābula gallery


Collectible 2020, Fabula Gallery,

Collectible 2020, Fabula Gallery,

The fābula gallery, flying in from Moscow, will be presenting exclusive pieces of the brand ANA by the architect and designer Anastasia Tikhomirova, in collaboration with the gallery. A poetic and minimalist collection, which tells the story of an interior sculpture that dreamed of becoming a bookcase, of a coffee table that aspired to rise above its utilitarian nature... A sweet mix between art and design as we like it.





Collectible 2020, Adir Yakobi for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Malcolm Majer for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Ana Buitrago for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Simon Déliot for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Gregory Beson for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Object with Narratives for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Hannah Bigeleisen for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Kevin Solis for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Joseph Algieri for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Studio IAAI for Huskdesignblog
Collectible 2020, Objects for Objects
Collectible 2020, Supaform for Huskdesignblog

For this edition of Collectible 2020, we are honoured to be present as an exhibitor. On this occasion, we present the work of 12 international designers, in the framework of our online gallery, articulated around a marriage between lighting and seating. Indeed, these are the most sought-after pieces, the ones we collect in reality as well as in our minds, so we thought it would be interesting to highlight them during the show.


It is an eclectic collection which will be exhibited, resulting from the work of Adir Yakobi (Israel), Ana Buitrago (USA), Gregory Beson (USA), Hannah Bigeleisen (USA), Joseph Algieri (USA), Kevin Solis (USA), Malcolm Majer (USA), Objects with Narratives (Belgium), Objects for Objects (USA), Simon Déliot (France), Studio IAAI (Germany) and Supaform (Russia).


Some of the pieces, lamps, and chairs, were designed exclusively for the event, including Gregory Beson's pendant lamp, Hannah Bigeleisen's table lamp, a chair by Kevin Solis, a lamp by Joseph Algieri, a pendant light by Objects for Objects and a chair by Supaform. Meet us at stand 2_6!

Join Chloé Valette, founder of Huskdesignblog, Boris Devis, founder of Everyday Gallery, Amanda Pinathy (Stedelijk Museum), and Brut Collective for a design-talk on Saturday 8 March, at the Vanderborght Building.



il.lacions design gallery


Collectible 2020, il.lacions design gallery, Andrés Reisinger's Hydrangea chair

A true Instagram star, the chair Hortensia of the designer and 3D artist Andrés Reisinger has finally moved from the virtual to the real world, and will be on display at the il.lacions. Indeed, we recently received the images of this iconic piece and can't wait to discover its proportions and material in a real space... (visible in the Main Section).



Side Gallery


Collectible 2020, Side Gallery, Sabine Marcelis

Collectible 2020, Side Gallery, Sigve Knutson

As usual, the Side Gallery invites international designers to rethink the traditions of design and craft. Following on from the recent Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion's exhibition, it will notably present the work of the designer Sabine Marcelis and new pieces of Sigve Knutson.



Todd Merrill


Collectible 2020, Todd Merrill gallery, Dominick Leuci

Collectible 2020, Todd Merrill gallery, Lionel Jadot

Like every edition of Collectible 2020, the American gallery Todd Merrill will be present and will exhibit a number of designers such as Brecht Wright Gander, Stefan Rurak, Yunhwan Kim, but also the incredible wall lights designed by Dominick Leuci and the very massive Crushed Seat, by Lionel Jadot, which was carried out in 2020.





Collectible 2020, ToolsGalerie, Floriane Dulurieb

The parisian gallery ToolsGalerie will present several pieces including the BIOTA series of the designer Floriane Dulurieb, whose aim was to create vases within a perimeter of less than a kilometer from found materials. In her work, she combines natural processes and techniques that are both biological and inorganic in order to make them coexist seamlessly.






Sight Unseen X Ben and Aja Blanc


2020 Collectible, Sight Unseen x Ben and Aja Blanc

2020 Collectible, Sight Unseen x Ben and Aja Blanc
2020 Collectible, Sight Unseen x Ben and Aja Blanc

Collectible 2020: The unmistakable guideOn the occasion of Collectible 2020, the online magazine Sight Unseen will present the brand new collection of the design duo Ben and Aja Blanc. The collection, entitled Chasing Beautyis composed of five mirrors. These works draw on abstract and pictorial references in both form and technique. Each mirror is handcrafted in the studio using successive layers of mirrored, coloured and silvered glass, creating a topography of light, surface and reflection. Beautiful work.



 ➡ Collectible Fair, 5-8 March 2020

Vanderborght Building Schildknaapstraat, 50 rue de l'Écuyer, 1000 Brussels, Belgium





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