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The multidisciplinary studio Bower has just unveiled its concept of pop-up stores (respectively located in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco) designed for The Arrivals, a ready-to-wear brand that combines fashion, in terms of forms, and performance, in terms of material quality. Visit and decrypt of a stylish and forerunner universe.


Bower The Arrivals' concept-store, NYC
Bower The Arrivals' concept-store, NYC
Bower The Arrivals' concept-store, NYC
Bower The Arrivals' concept-store, NYC

Well known for its unique furniture included in the category of The New American Wave, BOWER however, is anything but a beginner in commercial architecture. As for THE ARRIVALS, it is a young ready-to-wear brand created in 2014 and specializes in outerwear, and whose collections show an extreme functionality thanks to materials inspired by the urban environment. Therefore, it was obvious that two entities that had at heart experimentation and creation beyond the trends could only collaborate with each other with the aim of creating the unexpected. 

The concept-stores of Los Angeles (cover photo) and New York City are the perfect reflections of the New York studio universe: in fact, the architecture is first based on the contrast effect between a linear and functional envelope, which is opposed to the transition zones of round shapes, and where soft and comfortable materials prevail. Moreover, it is impossible to miss out on this very special color, which is located somewhere between the orange, the rust and the coral, which is obviously the main color of the new collection of The Arrivals, but also remember, a shade that has a certain sense of déjà vu in the work of Bower (see below three pieces previously designed by the studio and that seem to be the inspiration keys...)


Bower, Contour Side Table
Bower, Ring Chair
Bower, Waterline Chair

Finally, if the metal no longer creates the surprise in the world of retail, however, it must be noticed when it is particularly well highlighted. This is the case in the concept imagined by Bower, which killing two birds with one stone has been able to give importance to the material and use its capacities both matte and reflective, in order to showcase the clothing collection. Between new standard and futuristic atmosphere, the concept-stores of The Arrivals are completely in line with the image of an ambitious brand but which focuses on the essentials.

Nothing is useless, the entire collection is designed to provide humans with adequate equipment in order to be able to confront the unpredictable nature of a city as well as extreme temperatures. As well as the concept-stores, designed to easily adapt to the present and future collections.


Bower The Arrivals' concept-store, NYC
Bower The Arrivals' concept-store, NYC
Bower The Arrivals' concept-store, NYC





42 Crosby Street

New York, NY 10012



7959 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA



886 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA



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Chloé Valette