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TREND: The Color-Block Spirit

 What is the Color-Block : what is it that makes a trend?


In order to embellish these first days of autumn, we will talk about color.. Today, let's see how the color-block theme spreading his positive both in design and interior architecture. 




the transparency


In design, the trend is for the unexpected. Indeed,. the color is brought here where you don't expect it, so as to surprise and to break with the tradition of the neutral color palette. Designers are codes and conventions relating to the history of each GPO. Sabine Marcelisin her Big Roung use several layers of glass to create a set of colors and depth on the reflecting surface of the mirror. Color creeps even there where it is neither essential nor fundamentally desired.


trends color block colorful mirror sabine marcelis


This color sees tenfold interest when it spreads and is realized in our entire interior. Thus, this is very cleaver from designers Saerom Youn and Joogii Design Studioto use a transparent material for disseminating the colourful harmonies. Color lasts and endures, and allows shadow to light. And while Joogii is working with surfaces, Saerom Youn working on the edge...


joogii daft punk table and saerom youn crystal table




the speckled appearance


Earlier this month, we found a brand new product by ENO Studio, which is the worthy representative of color-block theme trendsthe wallpaper range My Terrazza. The idea that interests us here, is that for once, the material ( Terrazzo ) becomes color. Depth is given to our spaces thanks to the effect false unity. The trend is so there, close by, ready to settle with us. She also accompanies us when working because the radiation of Normann Copenhagen only stops at our furniture. Through a series of accessories introduced in spring, their interpretation of the speckled vision is now something we experiment everyday.


ENO studio paper painted my terrazza trends color block

Normann copenhagen office terrazzo accessories


In a more sculptural way, it also takes me to the idea of quoting Kueng Caputo 's work who is on the side of those who are totally in disagreement with the idea that the marble should only be grey, black or white. He makes it as intriguing as it is attractive.


trends color block kueng caputo





The various textile subjects are also tried in the color-block trend. That way, to talk about novelties, Ferm Living - has already shown at Maison&Objetits new collection titled just"Colour Block". Colour is contagious and spreads to all the surfaces it touches. She becomes cushion or carpet in a comfortable lounge and follows us even our bathroom, where it takes the form of a shower curtain.  


In the London Design Festival 2016we have paid close attention to Isabel Webb and her collection Colour Convertion, that points to our current recycling system. For example, it offers products made from reused old carpets. The important issue of our we interact with and apply colour to the environment we occupy.


color block textiles ferm living isabel webb


And then, a favorit product for long, the Square Throw range by Hem. Designed by Arthur Arbesser, she reinforces the idea that the textile is him too, that color. 


hem square throw design arthur arbesser






In interior architecture, the bid was passed unanimously. Indeed, this is great to see that architects take possession of color and its limits. Colorful accents are dead, welcome globalisation !

Indeed, the countries of the South of Europe are not outdone when it comes to innovation and styles. Lately, the Spanish creative studio Masquespacio seems to have unlocked the gates by showing their own style, where color has been fully explored ("take a look at the article") Get the Look #1 "to see their universe!). In addition, it should be noted that their more than colorful collection made for MISSANA doesn't leave anyone indifferent.


trends color block masquespacio valencia hotel lounge

trends color block masquespacio valencia hotel lounge


In a different but no less appreciated style, one will note the sparkling rise of Dimorestudio among indoor influencers. With the use of pallets with more reference to the past and Milanese interiors, colors seem to be non-existent. We cannot detect them first, so strong and enveloping is the atmosphere. And yet, they are there, lurking in the room and the lobby, ready to surprise us with their incongruous mixtures. In terms of contrast, I'm obviously talking about the now well known Saint-Marc Hotel in Paris which must have made the front page of every trade magazine.


trends color block dimore studio hotel San Marco paris

trends color block dimore studio hotel San Marco paris


Then, in the retail field, architects do not hesitate to stand out. They are actually playing the monochrome card, such as the Red Valentino store designed by India Mahdavi. This style had already done its effect for use with excess of Pink for the design of the restaurant-gallery Sketch in London. We do love this style, and much more this time because in a way, we were ready for that.


India mahdavi pink sketch restaurant valentino store


Others have not want to choose among the colors. They are all assembled, associated, highlighted and in opposition in order to create a space 100% color-block theme never seen elsewhere. This is the case of the architect Rafael de Cardenas (elected architect of the year 2016 by Maison&Objet America), who, by creating the Oh Wow store in New York or even Unknow Union in South Africa, is bringing us out of our boundaries in terms of colors. 


Oh wow book club new york rafael cardenas

Shop Oh Wow book club, New York - Rafael de Cardenas

Rafael cardenas unknow union Cape town store

The Unknow Union - Rafael Cardenas shop


The space is small, but the technique is delicate and well done, we totally appreciate this ideal setting out of nowhere. Sanctified be the color.


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