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What is the Color-Block trend ?


I’m glad because the summer is obviously still here... But I know that in Europe the days are probably becoming dark and cold. That’s why to improve this fall week, we will talk about color. Today, let’s take a look at the color-block themespirit which is spreading its positive energy in design furniture and interior design.




the transparency


In terms of design, the trend is to go unexpected. Indeed, the color is where we are not expecting it, to surprise and make a break with the neutral color palette tradition. Designers are playing with object codes and rules. Sabine Marcelis in her Big Roung series, utilizes several layers of glass which sandwich a selection of colour foils to create a play of colour and depth within the reflective surface. The color is creeping in places where it is not essential nor fundamentally required.


trends color block colorful mirror sabine marcelis
Big Round mirror series - Sabine Marcelis


The color has its interest doubled when it goes viral into our whole interior. Thus, this is very cleaver from designers Saerom Youn and Joogii Design Studio to use a transparent material which is able to reveal and broadcast the colorful harmonies. The color is persisting, lives on and lets the shadows to become light. While Joogii is working with surfaces, Saerom Youn is playing with edges...


joogii daft punk table and saerom youn crystal table
Daft Punk table by Joogii & Crystal table by Saerom Youn




the speckled appearance


Earlier this month, we found a brand new product by ENO Studio, which is the worthy representative of color-block themetrends : the range of wallpaper My Terrazza. We naturally pay attention to the material ( Terrazzo ) which is turning a color. Our spaces seems deeper, thanks to the semi-plain effect. The trend is finally here, ready to stay in our homes and to follow us at work because Normann Copenhagen is not just a furniture dealer anymore. Thanks to its accessory series - presented in Spring 2016 - their speckled vision is now something we experiment everyday.


ENO studio paper painted my terrazza trends color block
Wallpaper My Terrazza - Eno Studio
Normann copenhagen office terrazzo accessories
Office Accessories - Normann Copenhagen


Thinking sculpturally, I’d like to introduce Kueng Caputo 's work who is on the side of those who are totally in disagreement with the idea that the marble should only be grey, black or white. He turns the material into something intriguing and very attractive.


trends color block kueng caputo
Kueng Caputo





Different fabric mediums are trying the color-block trend. That way, to talk about novelties, Ferm Living - has already shown at Maison&Objet - is proposing a new collection precisely named "Colour Block".  The color is contagious and converts everything it touches. It becomes a pillow or a rug in a very comfy living room and a shower curtain in the bathroom.


In the London Design Festival 2016we have paid close attention to Isabel Webb and her collection Colour Convertion, that points out the actual recycling system. Thus, she proposes a mix of post- consumer and post-industrial waste products. Colour Convertion asks important questions of how we interact with and apply colour to the environment we occupy.


color block textiles ferm living isabel webb
Colour Block collection by Ferm Living and Color Convertion rugs by Isabel Webb


And then, a favorit product for long, the Square Throw range by Hem. Designed by Arthur Arbesser, it strengthens our conviction that fabric is just a wonderful flat tint of color.


hem square throw design arthur arbesser
Square Throw - Hem






In interior design, the escalation of color received a unanimous vote. Indeed, this is great to see that architects take possession of color and its limits. Colorful accents are dead, welcome globalisation !

The European Southern countries are pretty good in terms of innovation and new styles. These days, the Spanish creative studio Masquespacio seems to have unlocked the gates by showing their own style, where color has been fully explored ( you can take a peek to my previous post “Get the Look #1” to discover their work ! ). Moreover, we remember their so colorful collection for MISSANA, that doesn’t leave indifferent.


trends color block masquespacio valencia hotel lounge
Valencia Hotel Lounge - Masquespacio Design Studio
trends color block masquespacio valencia hotel lounge
Valencia Hotel Lounge - Masquespacio Design Studio


In a very different type of space but not less appreciated, we watch out for the increasing power of Dimorestudio, among interior influencers. By employing an old Milanese palette, colors seem to be non-existent. We cannot detect them first, while the atmosphere is so powerful and enveloping. However, it is here, stick to the bedroom or to the lobby, ready to surprise us by some incongruous mixtures. Of course I’m speaking about the famous Saint-Marc Hotel in Paris that made all the newspaper headlines.


trends color block dimore studio hotel San Marco paris
Paris, France: The Saint-Marc Hotel by the Milanese Studio Dimore.
trends color block dimore studio hotel San Marco paris
Paris, France: The Saint-Marc Hotel by the Milanese Studio Dimore.


Then, in the retail field, architects do not hesitate to stand out. They are actually playing the monochrome card, such as the Red Valentino store designed by India Mahdavi. Her design already had a huge impact when she applied the pink color for the whole Gallery-Restaurant Sketch in London. We do love this style, and much more this time because in a way, we were ready for that. 


India mahdavi pink sketch restaurant valentino store
India Mahdavi, 2014: the Gallery-Restaurant Sketch, London / 2016: the Red Valentino store, Rome.


Some architects don’t want to make a choice between colors. They are attached, associated, highlighted and placed in sytematic opposition to create a 100% color-block theme space, never seen elsewhere. This is the case of the architect Rafael de Cardenas ( chosen as the architect of the year 2016 by Maison&Objet America ), who, by creating the Oh Wow store in New York or even Unknow Union in South Africa, is bringing us out of our boundaries in terms of colors.


Oh wow book club new york rafael cardenas
Oh Wow book club store, New York - Rafael de Cardenas
Rafael cardenas unknow union Cape town store
Unknow Union store, Cap Town - Rafael de Cardenas


The space is small, but the technique is delicate and well done, we totally appreciate this ideal setting out of nowhere. Sanctified be the color.


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