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Australia: Take a walk to the Middletown Café

Australia: Take a walk to the

Middletown Cafe



Known throughout the world by her title, recognized for her elegance and humility, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middletown, also by its multiple qualities, inspired a coffee in Australia... Indeed the Studio Tate in collaboration with the Graphic design studio Pop + Pac, have made her their muse, infusing an accessible luxury wind, tweaked to the extreme detail. You also have a look at the Middletown Café.


 Middletown Cafe, Australia, Tate Studio





Just like Kate Middletown, the Middletown Cafe is a clever mix between a classic shell and a resolutely interior contemporary look. In a place where a robust and very present materiality allows the codes of the past and the present to cross and to meet, one crosses for example a very graphic and current terracotta soil, but in the form of a very traditional checkerboard motif.

Other materials, stone, metal and wood, are as valuable in ancient times as they are today, and thanks to a holistic approach, the Studio Tate offers us a real interpretation of the refined and the everyday luxuryembodied by precious details, but not too much.


Middletown Cafe, Australia, Tate Studio





The Middletown Cafe, which displays a deep blue decor and a strong, almost masculine identity, is however softened by many feminine details, such as brass accents, clear woods and pastel tones. The general atmosphere, almost pure and unbelievably bright is once again, a beautiful homage to the Duchess of Cambridge, whose simplicity and radiant energy have been able to reconcile us with Royalty!

Space is shared between visual interests and clear field of view, which gives a feeling of space well thought out and whose refined ambiance is saving to anyone looking for his breath of fresh air during the day. The Middletown Cafe is a comfortable place despite the multiple use of so-called "cold" materials – It reminds us strangely The Penny Drop Cafe Especially thanks to these feminine and hospitable values whose entire place seems totally impregnated.


Middletown Cafe, Australia, Tate Studio


chair – BILLIANI, Aloe chair

Stool– MATTIAZZI, Solo stool, M5

Suspension, ESTILUZ, Volta T-3535/T-3536


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