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Art Elysées X Huskdesignblog: A unique exhibition of contemporary design in Paris

For the first time, we are partnering with   Art Elysées to present an exhibition of contemporary and collectible design pieces in Paris, throughout the event, from October 17 to 21, 2019. This is the opportunity for Huskdesignblog to present our first exhibition as curator to a wide audience of enthusiasts and professionals and to highlight emerging as already well-known designers in whom we believe. Discover our selection!




Today's design on show at Art Elysées


Illustrating a new era, that of the design in the present and its future transformations, the furniture and objects presented are assembled and connected in a panel of bold materials and shapes. Thus, on the occasion of   Art Elysées Our aim is to initiate contact, to ensure that contemporary design and its actors can dialogue with a varied public and listen to the new generation of design: that of an era or finally, its relationship to art is in the process of being recognised. For although in our minds as connoisseurs, design has a clear and well-defined place, this is not the case for everyone.



Huskdesignblog exhibits contemporary designers at Art Elysées 2019

Huskdesignblog exhibits contemporary designers at Art Elysées 2019
Huskdesignblog exhibits contemporary designers at Art Elysées 2019

In France and Europe in particular, the tradition of so-called drawn design, inherited from the architects and the democratisation of design for all in the 1950s and 1970s, is still very much alive in people's minds. So what is the place of the designers often makers that we are ready to do today? Because it is now common for these creators themselves to turn more towards a so-called artistic, independent and  collectible  design, by choosing, for instance, to sell their pieces themselves or to be represented by a gallery.


Moreover, it should be taken into account that, like art, designers offer limited edition or even unique pieces, which the know-how and technique make completely unique, in contrast to the tradition of so-called drawn design, on behalf of major brands.



Huskdesignblog exhibits contemporary designers at Art Elysées 2019

Huskdesignblog exhibits contemporary designers at Art Elysées 2019
Huskdesignblog exhibits contemporary designers at Art Elysées 2019

Huskdesignblog proposes an exhibition that aims to reveal the work of these talented international artists who are reviving the genre in their studios, and are not afraid to combine their aesthetic and technical aspirations with today's trends. Thus, various works exhibited at   Art Elysées represent the work of metal, wood, ceramics and many others in today's era, the relationship of designers to materials, and especially how they have appropriated them.



An international representation of contemporary design


During this edition of  Art Elysées 2019, we have the honor and deep pleasure to present a panel of international designers presenting furniture, mirrors, vases, and textiles. Design is a question of emotion, of feeling, and all the pieces thus present gave us more than positive sensations on contact. Because we favor design, which, as you will have understood, in the same way, that art provokes something in us, the one that is not only the support of the functional to satisfy a need, but also the one that takes the form of an emotional need to supplant the function.


In accordance with this vision, 17 studios and duos of international composition have responded to our call, including: Ángel Mombiedro, Spain - – Bling Studio, France - – Cécile Bichon, France - – dellostudio, Italy and UK - – Ida Elke, Denmark - – Jean-Baptiste Durand and Virginie Willerval, France - – Kabinet, Italy - – Laurène Guarneri, France - – Malcolm Majer, United States - – Martin Thübeck and Elias Bath, Sweden - – Nicholas Hamilton Holmes, Canada - – NOOM Home, Ukraine - – Parasite 2.0, Italy and Belgium - – Sophia Taillet , France - – Trey Jones Studio, United States - – Wendy Andreu, France - – Bram Vanderbeke, Belgium and Winston Cuevas, United States.


Huskdesignblog exhibits contemporary designers at Art Elysées 2019



Pieces designed for the occasion


Some of these designers are honoured to present pieces that have been designed especially for the event and have therefore not yet been revealed to the design community. For example, the American designers Malcolm Majer and Trey Jones, for whom we have a particular affection since we met when we were established in the United States, 2 years ago.


Malcolm's work uses the vocabulary and materials of architecture to transpose them into the world of furniture, in order to counteract preconceived ideas of what a piece of furniture should look like. Thus, he presents the piece Chair 3.2, a legitimate descendant of the first edition.


Trey Jones designed the first pieces of the collection Pannier Vases for the 2018 edition of the event 1000 Vases, and does us the honor of completing the series with a sixth vase, darker than the previous ones. His sculptural work makes sense in the ambiguity between full and empty, when we realize that the designer's choice was to create containers more from empty than full.


Trey Jones completes his Pannier Vases series at Art Elysées for Huskdesignblog
Malcolm Majer creates the Chair 3.2 for Art Elysées for Huskdesignblog in Paris.
Malcolm Majer creates the Chair 3.2 for Art Elysées for Huskdesignblog in Paris.
Pannier Vase 04, Trey Jones Studio

Nicholas Hamilton Holmes, using the same specific wood as for his previous collection of sculptures, presented exclusively This and That, an in-depth exploration of simple shapes, proportions and forms. Here, each pair represents a visual metaphor where two forms interact and play together to compose a whole: Big Mama and Daddy, Silent Protest and Sun and Moon.


Designer Nicholas Hamilton Holmes creates the unique This and That sculpture collection for Huskdesignblog at Art Elysées
Designer Nicholas Hamilton Holmes creates the unique This and That sculpture collection for Huskdesignblog at Art Elysées

Wendy Andreu, French designer, exposes two versions of the  8 Legged Stools on Wheels, that we know pretty well since it is on our online gallery, as well as a copy of the superb Regular Pyramid, designed in collaboration with Belgian designer Bram Vanderbeke. She also presents a unique piece, the Screen Shelf serving as an architectural screen, entirely coated with raw and rough ochre paint, transforming its original metal shelf appearance.


Regular Pyramid by Wendy Andreu and Bram Vanderbeke
Screen Shelf, by Wendy Andreu, at the Art Elysées event for Huskdesignblog
Screen Shelf, by Wendy Andreu , at the Art Elysées event for Huskdesignblog
8 Legged Stool on Wheels by Wendy Andreu

Finally, the Swedish design duo Martin Thübeck and Elias Bath the privilege of exhibiting the collection Dirty Iron, a series of three sculptures resulting from their research and initiatory journey through their country, in order to review their history and the industrial steel sites of Sweden, once the largest steel producer in the world and a neutral country in wartime over the past 200 years.


These shapes are made from the metal residues of all the weapons produced, however, for the wars in which the country claims to have never participated...


Martin Thübeck and Elias Bath for Huskdesignblog at the Art Elysées 2019 event.



French designers


We are also delighted to present a very diverse panel of French designers, including the young Bling Studio and its incredible mirror Dune with multiple, even infinite reflections and Cécile Bichon, a self-taught ceramist and his incredible vases inspired by natural phenomena such as termite mounds, stalactites, and stalagmites.


The duo Jean-Baptiste Durand and Virginie Willerval and their experimental design, which is both a light and a sculpture, or a light and an animal, is also honoured to be present, as is Laurène Guarneri and her colored mirrors, displayed as secret doors to another dimension and the incredible work of  Sophia Taillet  with glass, of which you will find more details here.


Dune mirror, by Bling Studio
Series of vases by Cécile Bichon exhibited at Art Elysées 2019
Jean-Baptiste Durand and Virginie Willerval, Larry lighting at Art Elysées
Sophia Taillet, Curve glass high table

Laurène Guarneri presents the Horizon mirror series at Art Elysées, for Huskdesignblog



Pieces from other countries


The Spanish designer Angel Mombiedro, whose work is inspired by the colourful culture of his country, exhibits two emblematic pieces of his work that are the chairs Bullarengue and Qoticher. Promoted on our online shop, we are delighted to be able to show these copies at last. We also welcome on our stand the creative duo dellostudio, who, adjusting the notion of sculpture on a domestic scale, has done us the honor of presenting the Onda Chair, rising star of Instagram, and a series of vases from which a wind of Antiquity blows and made by Mondo Marmo Design.


chair Klein blue, by Angel Mombiedro
Dellostudio presents a series of marble flares made by Mondo Marmo Design

Dellostudio presents the chair sculptural Onda Chair


Among the worthy representatives of metal work, we present the lamp Odd Shell Light of Danish designer Ida Elke, whose work is inspired by the nature in which she lives, and Kabinet, an Italian studio dedicated to bringing a sculptural-functional scale to this contemporary material.


In this edition of Art Elysées, NOOM Homea Ukrainian studio, has specially entrusted us with its vases Delaunay and Gabo, inspired by the Supremacist movement initiated by Kazimir Malevich, in order to present them to the general public. Just like the studio Parasite 2.0, who presents an exclusive rug, designed on the ambivalence between humanity and technology, previously made during an artist residency in London.


Finally, we have the privilege of exhibiting at Art Elysées an extraordinary piece, the chair Mono Pink of American designer Winston Cuevas, and who examines the poetic notions of innocence and purity under aesthetic airs that takes us into a fairy tale similar to that created by Walt Disney...


Ida Elke presents the sculptural Odd Shell light
Resin and metal console by Kabinet at Art Elysées

chair Mono Rose by American designer Winston Cuevas for Huskdesignblog at Art Elysées



Art Elysées - Art & Design, 17 to 21 October 2019


Between Place Clémenceau and Place de la Concorde, Paris 8ème





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