INTERIOR DESIGN: The Man Cave style


The cavern was the first place where men settled because they felt safe. Today we master all types of materials but our insatiable need for light drives us to flee as much as possible underground spaces considered inhospitable. This is the challenge that Raul Sanchez Architects and Manca Studio agencies took up: create a real comfortable interior architecture in a basement and a cave... Visit of two improbable but true projects.

- Apartment Tibbaut, by Ras Arquitectura -

At first sight, it is difficult to imagine the first aspect of this basement. Who could believe that this dark, wet and dilapidated space had the potential to become a paradise under the ground? This is indeed the challenge raised by RAS Arquitectura - agency founded by Raúl Sánchez - and who is particularly committed to not being limited to standard projects, preferring to open up to any kind of opportunity in order to practice Architecture and Interior Architecture in its most enjoyable environment: the difficulty.

This atypical place whose strong identity lies at its high ceiling height, two octagonal pillars with a monumental look and its arches, has had to be severely treated so that air is breathable and moisture is banned. In order to create optimum ventilation, the concept of Interior architecture is based on the creation of a wood partition separating the central living space of the other rooms, open at the top. This skilful blend of raw wood is of an immaculate white returning light allowing to create a serene atmosphere and a space that is thus much larger than the 55 m² of origin.

A place where you could almost spend holidays in Barcelona...

Photographs: Jose Hevia

- La Dimora di Metello Hotel, by Manca Studio -

It is in the South of Italy this time, that a contemporary hotel has been born within the village of Matera, whose particular feature will not have escaped you: carved from the rock a hundred years ago, every house looks like a modern-day cavern. In the maze of these ancient ruins rehabilitated in a comfortable and fully equipped hotel, the balance between natural and artificial light and the massive appearance of this extraordinary interior communicates to every visitor a feeling of unsuspected energy and harmony.

The rock material was treated with respect by Manca Studio, which has been able to take advantage of this grandiose and impressive presence. From custom-made furniture in light oak, the subtlety of glass and a touch of metal dominate in this mineral immensity in order to create the perfect interior architecture for every man who loves caverns these days. But don't be deceived, this is a luxurious cavern, with only four unique rooms, so it was necessary to adapt to the asperities of the rock. The private and common parts of this hotel are impeccably arranged, and as pleasant as any interior, whether it be stone, glass or plaster.

Photographs: Pierangelo Laterza

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Chloé Valette