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INTERIOR DESIGN: The red power of Arquitectura-G


Arquitectura-G is an architectural agency based in Barcelona, and whose recent project "Reforma de una vivienda en la Tallada" have drawn our attention... Their projects give rise to a reflection on contemporary architecture, its place, its aims and its relationship to trends. True adventurers of the architecture, the protagonists of Arquitectura-G have dared to appropriate the red color... But what power gives this color to our spaces?


Unlike most European countries that hold the neutral tones in admiration, Spain is deeply attached to the red color. It is part of its history, its traditions, and symbolizes the warmth of the country both from its art of living, and of his climate, of course.

Indeed the red has all its place in the work ofArquitectura-G, as for example in the work of another architect established in Barcelona, Guillermo Santoma. So we remember that this color had already challenged us during its herbalism project in 2016 (photo on the top left). And the Arquitectura-G studio is not on its first try. These Spanish architects, whose daily task is to improve the lives of everyone in the form and organization of the spaces in which they operate, have already shaken the foundations of the very architecture which is neutral, immaculate and above all not colored by many times.But what would Spain be without the red, and its architects, without this ingenious grain madness able to differentiate them?


Red is a powerful color, which leaves no one indifferent. It does not leave us the choice, because the sentence is often radical, We like it or we don't like it, no one can remain neutral against it. For what it symbolizes is also very far from the passive...

Often because its presence would be too exciting and would supposedly put our nerves to vivid, the red holds its (bad) reputation for its non-negligible symbolism, which we all know instinctively. The power, the blood, the fire, the carnal or even the fight, it appears hostile to us and so we consciously discarded it. Become a kind of pariah in the large family of colors, it is probably because its symbolic is negative that we have not sought further...

And yet: this warmth, this immediate comforting effect that one feels in the presence of red is undeniable. It encompasses us like a protective cocoon, and usually becomes a support zone. Fortifying too, it brings us joy but above all of strength and courage to confront our surroundings, and is also the color of safety and rescue. So, friend or enemy?



And that's all the genius of Arquitectura-G, who was able to take advantage of the unique and somewhat scary nature of the red. Just like the pink color in retail, its faults have become the assets which showcase the atypical spaces that the Spanish studio enjoys. Not to mention that this color, just like white, yellow and orange, is capable of returning sun rays. It therefore allows, contrary to our beliefs, to illuminate a space if it does not act of a cellar.

Moreover, it should be noted that the architects have taken care to balance its immediate and strong effect by numerous arcs and other rounded shapes in architecture, openings and staircases. (very common in the Spanish architecture). The verticality of this incredible house is saved, thanks to the support of guidelines that reinforce and reveal these spaces. Alternately matt, fluffy or shiny, the red color gives this house a new life thanks to the genius ofArquitectura-G.

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Source: Archilovers

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